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You're right here: Residence > exactly about Hand Dyeing > FAQ > artificial fibers > The first question you will have to answer, in picking a dye, is what fiber its that you're dyeing. You need to suit your dye option towards fiber, or your outcomes should be bad.

Initially, discover what the fibre content is

Satin is a weave, maybe not a dietary fiber. Satin is crafted from numerous organic or synthetic fibers. This means its impractical to inform you tips dye your satin with no knowledge of just what fiber your satin consists of. If you have a dress made of polyester satin, the answer is different than if for example the gown is made of 100% natural silk satin.

Exactly what dietary fiber can be your satin?

In case your satin apparel won't have a label sewn in, or if perhaps the label's been cut fully out, odds are great that everything you have actually there is certainly polyester satin, that will be difficult to dye.

To discover for sure what fibre you've got, snip a tiny bit of textile out of a seam allowance someplace, in which it will not show, and try a burn test. Two excellent sources for interpreting the outcome of a fiber burn test tend to be Griffin Dyeworks' Burn Test page and Ditzy images' Fiber Burn Chart. To try for acetate or triacetate, decide to try dissolving a little bit of thread from your own fabric in some acetone-containing nail enamel cleaner.

Polyester satin and Acetate satin

In case your satin is manufactured out of polyester or acetate, you will need to boil it for around 30 minutes or longer with a unique synthetic-fiber dye called disperse dye. Polyester wont simply take some other type of dye at all; if you try to color polyester with an all-purpose dye, such as Rit, or a fiber-reactive dye such as for example Procion, or an acid dye, the dye will simply wash out. Acetate may stain with all-purpose or acid dye, but the outcomes will never be good; usage disperse dye for acetate. See "Dyeing Polyester with Disperse Dyes".

Silk satin

Satin that's woven from silk is one of luxurious type. Additionally it is easy to dye.

The easiest way to dye silk satin or silk charmeuse is to utilize a dietary fiber reactive dye, such as for instance Procion MX dye, and soft drink ash as dye fixative. Unlike most dyes, Procion MX and some other fiber reactive dyes have the benefit of becoming functional at room temperature, without any heat setting required. This is basically the exact same technique as it is familiar with color cotton or rayon with Procion MX dyes; actually, a tie-dye system is going to work well. The luster of silk are going to be slightly decreased, as well as the softness increased, by the large pH of soda ash; one last wash containing some vinegar will partially restore the loss.

Should you not wish your silk satin to lose also a bit of its luster, you should avoid the using soft drink ash, and use an acid, such as vinegar, alternatively. You can use any sort of acid dye on silk. If you utilize fiber reactive dyes with an acid rather than soft drink ash, they too will function as acid dyes; see "Fiber reactive dyes on necessary protein materials. Permanently results with acid dyes on silk, you have to often utilize a hot dyebath, around 185°F (87°C), or allow the dye to dried out, wrap the silk in report, and steam the material, to be able to allow the dyes to bond to your dietary fiber. The amount of time needed for steaming differs from half an hour for Procion MX, Procion H, and Remazol dyes, to three hours when it comes to French silk dyes, including Sennelier Tinfix, H. Dupont, and Pebeo Soie dyes.

Nylon satin

Nylon satin, if untreated, could be colored with most acid dyes. Unfortuitously, many nylon materials are coated with substances that will repel dyes, causing unsatisfactory dyeing. See "how-to dye nylon or polyamide".

Rayon satin

Rayon satin will dye beautifully at room-temperature with fibre reactive dyes, like Procion MX dyes. The colors may well be more intense than obtained on unmercerized cotton, but otherwise comparable. See "tips dye rayon". If you cannot find a source of rayon satin in your area, it is possible to mail-order it from Dharma Trading organization (see resources for Dyeing materials).

What Exactly Is Satin?

Satin Weave, from Alfred Barlow, 1878 Satin is woven by operating the warp thread over four or maybe more of this weft yarns, usually varying from 1 warp bond to another in how many weft threads tend to be covered at a time in order that there's no regular grain. The lengthy warp loops, called floats, is snagged easier compared to those that pass over only one or two completing yarns, so satin is a relatively fragile weave.

A satin weave fashioned with cotton fibers may be called satin, but is additionally called sateen. Cotton sateen is normally less shiny than other satins, because the threads regularly weave it are less shiny.

Charmeuse is a satin weave in which the warp yarns are firmly twisted, therefore the weft yarns crepe or spun twisted yarns. (Source: exactly about Silk: A Fabric Dictionary & Swatchbook, by Julie Parker, 1991.)

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