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how exactly to dye a sofa slipcoverIt’s sort of embarrassing how effortless it was considering it took myself at the least three years to get results within the nerve to actually take action. Here’s the steps I took to dye our sofa slipcover (though I’m sure there are other ways to repeat this besides). We bought this Crate & Barrel settee for a great deal on Craigslist about five years ago. You'll find the slipcovers because of it nonetheless they cost $700-$900 yikes! This cover ended up being stained, ripped and did we mention stained? Sharpie, food (2 men and 2 puppies require we say more?)

How to color a couch slipcoverwe went with Rit liquid dye based on the thing I could easily get that day. This was one of those tasks you-all for the abrupt have the courage to do so Amazon wasn’t probably work fast adequate for me 😉 in Phoenix Joann’s, Michaels and Fry’s emerged through for me (I'd to go to several stores). My first dye shower was with 2 and 1 . Here are the steps I took:

  • Clean covers completely – leave wet. (used to don’t let it go through complete spin period such that it didn’t produce creases.)
  • Use in accordance with bundle.just how to color a settee slipcover For me I did 2 lots – 1 along with pillow covers and 1 utilizing the straight back cover using 3 packages in each load on huge once more leaving wet.
  • Fill washer up with hot-water (making certain the material can move easily) and add dye towards water alongside 1 cup salt mixed in about 4 glasses of hot-water.
  • Add covers to washer and agitate for 40 minutes. I put a timekeeper going down every ten minutes and so I could begin the “heavy” period over since my washer performedn’t have a timer. After the 40 minutes had been over we allow it to explain to you the whole cycle with additional wash.
  • Wash addresses with laundry soap and further rinse again.
  • Dry all of the way within the dryer and put in the cushions when a little damp to avoid wrinkles.

This very first bath performedn’t get as deep and dark as I wanted. I also noticed exactly how extremely blue it was. I could decided to incorporate some tan into warm up it up more but I decided to just choose the blue.aftm-diy-dyed-sofa-3 you are able to however see some stripes in this one that made me personally choose to just do it with another dye shower.

This time we utilized 2 blacks and 1 grey per load and I let it immerse for 50 moments (plus after that finishing that cycle) so a bit longer than the 1st time.

I truly was satisfied with the way it turned-out. We’re still testing it for color stay and hemorrhaging properties but have actuallyn’t had any issues yet and there’s been a very light tan blanket onto it from men usually and possessn’t had any issues.

Here’s an iPhone image in numerous lighting effects which takes out some of the blue

Anyway it spared this couch for a time as well as for a LOT less money than purchasing an innovative new slipcover.

Recommendations: check up on the washer to be sure everything is submerged and going easily, if you want to move something around usage gloves. Rinse well a couple of times if you want to just make sure! Rit also makes a color stay item therefore as soon as I choose if I’m planning to try to change the shade or this or perhaps not I’ll probably use that. Also be sure you understand what product your fabric is – this ended up being canvas(cotton).

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