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It was Yves Saint Laurent who notoriously said, "I wish I had invented blue jeans: the essential dazzling, the most practical, many relaxed and nonchalant. They will have appearance, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity—all i really hope for in my clothing." That will be to state that jeans are universally loved. Noble Denim, clearly knows this. But what if there is a method to move that awesomeness to another tried and true American apparel of comparable import: the T-shirt? It turns out there is. Noble Denim co-founder Chris Sutton took certainly one of their particular excellent slim-fit T-shirts produced from 9oz. slub cotton and dip-dyed all of them to mimic the textured patina that an excellent couple of worn-in denim jeans acquires over time. And Sutton, true to their brand's ethos, did each one of these himself, by hand. Which explains why they may be limited-edition and each shirt have its own unique look. There's a lighter clean that was dipped when (#normcore) and a darker clean that was dipped two times. And since it's a taut supply, we advise you buy now as opposed to holding down and winding up dissatisfied when you can't get one. You should check all of them out right here.

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