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Natural dyeing Wool

(given by Lynn Voortman - Blue Castle Fiber Arts)

All-natural Dye Plants
Below are many of the all-natural dye flowers of historic use within the dietary fiber arts. Most these plants are not important as dyes, and may probably not today be collected in sufficient amounts. Some but are very important, including woad, weld, heather, walnut, alder, pine many lichens. If you want to try dyeing a nearby plant, try to find it on an inventory similar to this someone to prevent frustration. Not all the flowers, irrespective of their beauty, make great dye material. Be aware that some plants, like some lichens tend to be eco protected.

The yellow dyes are most abundant and many of those are great fast colors. Madder could be the only dependable red dye among plants. All of the dye plants need a preparation associated with material to-be colored, with alum, or other mordant, but a few, such as Barbary plus some of lichens, tend to be substantive dyes, and require no mordant.


Birch (Betula alba) Fresh internal bark

Bed-straw (Gallium boreale) Roots

Brazilwoods - different leguminous tree bark
Cochineal - (Coccus Cacti) Pest
Common Sorrel (Rumex acetosa) Roots

Dyer's Woodruff (Asperula tinctoria) Roots

Evergreen Alkanet (Anchusa sempervirens)

Gromwell (Lithospermum arvense)

Lady's Bedstraw (Gallium verum) Roots

Marsh Potentil (Potentilla Comarum) Roots

Madder (Rubia Tinctorum) Roots

Potentil (Potentilla Tormentilla) Roots


devil's-bit (Scabiosa succisa) Leaves prepared like woad

Dog's Mercury (Mercurialis perennis)

Elder (Sambucus nigra) Berries

Indigo (Indigofera tintoria)

Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) Berries with alum and sodium

Red bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi)

Sloe (Prunus communis) Fresh Fruit

Whortleberry or Blaeberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus) Berries

Woad (Isatis tinctoria)

Yellow Iris (Iris Pseudacorus) Roots


Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria)

Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) Fresh internal bark

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) Stem and root

Birch. Leaves

Bog Asphodel (Narthecium ossifragum)

Bog Myrtle or Sweet-gale (Myrica Gale)

Bracken (Pteris aquilina) Roots, also younger tops

Bramble (Rubus fructicosus)

Broom (Sarothammus Scoparius)

Buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula and R. cathartica) Berries and Bark

Common dock (Rumex obtusifolius) Root

Crab Apple (Pyrus Malus) Fresh inner bark

Dyer's Greenwood (Genista tinctoria) Young shoots and leaves

Gorse (Ulex Europæus) Bark, flowers and young propels

Heath (Erica vulgaris) With Alum

Hedge stachys (Stachys palustris)

Jump (Humulus lupulus)

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) Bark

Kidney Vetch (Anthyllis Vulnararia)

Ling (Caluna vulgaris)

Marsh Marigold (Caltha palustris)

Marsh potentil (Potentilla Comarum)

Meadow Rue (Thalictrum flavum)

Nettle (Urtica) With Alum

Pear, Leaves


Polygonum Hydropiper

Polygonum Persecaria

Poplar, Leaves

Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) Leaves

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Sawwort (Serratula tinctoria)

Spindle tree (Euonymus Europæus)

Stinking Willy, or Ragweed (Senecio Jacobæa)

Sundew (Drosera)

Teasel (Dipsacus Sylvestris)

Way-faring tree (Viburnum lantana) Leaves

Weld (Reseda luteola)

Willow, Leaves

Yellow Camomile (Anthemis tinctoria)

Yellow Centaury (Chlora perfoliata)

Yellowish Corydal (Corydalis lutea)

Elder (Sambucus nigra) Leaves with alum
Flowering reed (Phragmites communis) Flowering tops, with metal
Larch. Bark, with alum
Lily-of-the-valley (Convalaria majalis) Leaves
Nettle (Urtica dioica and U. Urens)
Privet (Ligustrum vulgare) Berries and leaves, with alum

Alder (Alnus glutinosa) Bark
Birch (Betula alba) Bark
Hop (Humulus lupulus) Stalks give a brownish red colour
Onion, Skins
Larch, Pine needles, collected in Autumn
Oak (Quercus Robur) Bark
Red currants, with alum
Walnut, Root and green husks of fan
Water-lily (Nymphæa alba) Root
Whortleberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus) younger propels, with fan galls
Dulse (Seaweed)

Byrony (Byronia dioica) Berries
Damson, Fruit, with alum
Dandelion (Taraxacum Dens-leonis) Roots
Danewort (Sambucus Ebulus) Berries
Lethal nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)
Elder (Sambucus nigra) Berries, with alum, a violet; with alum and salt, a lilac colour
Sundew (Drosera)
Whortleberry or blaeberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) it has a blue or purple dye that will dye wool and silk without mordant

Alder (Alnus glutinosa) Bark, with metal
Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus) Young propels, with salts of metal
Dock (Rumex) Root
Elder (Sambucus nigra) Bark, with iron
Iris (Iris Pseudacorus) Root
Meadowsweet (Spirea Ulmaria)
Oak, Bark and acorns

Mordants combined with Natural Dyes
(supplied by Lynn Voortman - Blue Castle Fiber Arts)
Here is a list of mineral mordants widely used these days with natural dyes.

During the early times the leaves and origins of certain flowers were used. This is actually the instance nevertheless in Asia as well as other locations where conventional dyeing methods are continued.

Alum was known for hundreds of years in European countries. Alum and iron would be the most green regarding the mineral mordants while chrome, tin and copper are believed much more poisonous. Some additional chemical compounds used in combination with all-natural dyes, like cream of tartar, acetic acid and vinegar along with the plant based mordants and tannic acid are safe to utilize.

There are 2 procedures focused on the dyeing of most colours; the very first is mordanting therefore the second could be the colouring or real dyeing. The mordanting makes the stuff for the dye (mordere, to bite).

Any all-natural dye belongs to a single of two courses. Substantive, offering color directly to the material: and adjective, which includes the greater number of dyes and requires the usage a mordant to create from colour. All adjective dyes require this planning of fibre before they are going to fix by themselves onto it. The usage a mordant, though not absolutely essential, may also be a plus when making use of substantive dyes.

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