We have professional dyeing

Professional dyeing

Dafinka has actually held jobs as Colorist, Dye Lab management, Dye home management and Dye House Technologist. She pioneered in running DATACOLOR color dish computer system for shade monitoring and quality control. Dafinka's expertise includes assessment of solids, designs, flannels, toweling, printed solids, imprinted designs and trims; examining color patterns in light box under three light sources and with X-Rite spectrophotometer; supervising high quality in finish-dyeing departments.

Spectrum's supervisor in addition boasts a record in producing and applying brand-new technologies for dyeing, bleaching, and dry enhancement of various types of knitwear and different structure materials: 100percent cotton, 50% cotton fiber and 50per cent polyamid, 70% cotton fiber and 30percent polyester or any other combinations.

The woman work history includes carrying out analysis of clothes on body weight and shrinking; fixing indices to match proper types of drying, fluffing and ironing; checking colorfastness to washing in hot and cool water; computer system handling of color samples and lab assessment; training staff members to color and bleach knitwear; generating brand-new and inexpensive options for dyeing; developing brand new neon dyes.

Among company connections are German, Swiss, Austrian and English companies: CLARIANT, BASF, ICI, DYSTAR and HENKEL.

We dye clothes, including wedding dresses and dresses, tops, t-shirts, pants, jeans, slide covers, duvet covers, quilts, bedding, towels, draperies, tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins, rugs, furnishings covers, costumes, uniforms for school and work, university uniforms, group uniforms, laces, ribbons, workout wear, yardage.

SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing in addition dyes fabrics and garments for unique events: weddings, home-coming dances, high-school proms, recreations events and contests.

SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing uses the very least poisonous, best quality reactive dyes: Clariant's Drimarene K, DyStar's Remazol and Levafix E. Such dyes secure most useful colorfastness and lasting results even in warm water washing. We dye wool with Clariant's acid dyes Sandolan MF and Nylosan N.

Some clothes experience shrinking throughout the dyeing procedure. SPECTRUM Personalized Fabric Dyeing manages shrinking within acceptable norms - around 2-4percent. Clients must be aware of feasible shrinking associated with the material, however little it might be.

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