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Cotton isn't the just product by which slubs are often deliberately kept in or motivated in the last textile. All-natural linen frequently has actually slubs on it due to the natural unevenness regarding the flax fibers that it really is made. Butcher linen is a slub-filled textile employed for aprons and tablecloths, and butcher cotton is a type of slub cotton occasionally found in everyday fits or clothes. Tweed is a wool-based fabric full of slubs. In addition, numerous kinds of silk textiles have slubs, including dopioni silk, pongee, shantung, silk noil, Thai silk and tussah.

Large manner t-shirts and sweaters are often made out of slub cotton. Whilst t-shirts produced that way are not appropriate usage as graphic shirts, that have emails or images imprinted on them, the material is much more extremely textured and often prized by designers for its casual, rough look. Additionally, slub denim made from cotton is sometimes used in high-end troubled jeans.

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