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Cream fabric dye

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Discover a unique approach to making use of shaving lotion and Dharma Fiber Reactive MX dyes getting stunning marble impacts on textile.

This is what you need:

- White material - cotton, rayon, silk or other normal dietary fiber to color on
- Dharma Fiber Reactive MX dyes
- Soda Ash Fixer
- Synthrapol
- 8oz. Squeeze containers to keep your dyes
- Foam shaving lotion, preferably containing aloe
- Flat, shallow, plastic or material pan
- Plastic mixing bowls
- Wire whisk

This is what you are doing:

1. Pre-wash the fabric in Synthrapol. This eliminates any oils or soil that might be on material and provides you better dye outcomes.

2. Break down one cup soda ash in a single gallon of heated water. Soak the textile in the soft drink ash option for 5-10 mins, wring gently and hang dried out.

3. Reduce your dye powders (2 tsps. for colors without an *, 4 tsps. for colors with one *, 8 tsps. for colors with two *) in handful of tepid to warm water, stirring into a smooth paste. Stir in 1/2 glass warm water. For reds and colors containing purple, filter the dye option through a coffee filter or little bit of silk to remove tough to reduce particles. Add 1/2 cup shaving lotion towards filtered dye option, after that pour this combination into the squeeze bottle.

4. Dilute approximately half a can of shaving ointment with a cup of water in a big blending bowl. Whisk the combination until well-blended and dense and creamy. Pour combination in to the tray until about an inch deep.

5. Squirt the dye/shaving lotion combination across shaving cream/water mixture when you look at the tray in virtually any design you would like. Utilize a comb, chopsticks, or any tool to swirl and distribute the dye into any design desired.

6. Place an item of the prepared fabric on the surface of this shaving ointment and dye structure. Pull any atmosphere bubbles by pushing straight down gently with an instrument or a gloved hand.

7. Allow the fabric to stay on the surface for the dye/shaving ointment for five minutes, then remove textile by lifting very carefully. Place on a set surface shaving lotion side up and enable to stay for just two to twenty four hours to develop the dye. The piece needs to remain damp for the activation to happen.

8. Rinse fabric in cool working liquid to eliminate the soft drink ash, after which boost heat to hot. Continue steadily to rinse until water is nearly clear, then wash in hot-water and Synthrapol to eliminate any extra dye. Dry, press and voila!

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