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  • Bit of white-cotton fabric 14" x 36"
  • Package of fabric paint markers
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors


  1. Cut 6 pennants, each 9" x 12".
  2. Tear 2- 1" x 36" lengthy strip of cotton fabric for just one “string” when it comes to pennants.
  3. Hot glue the two pieces together at the ends making one long strip.
  4. Lay the pennants on a set surface. On the first pennant, choose a spot everywhere regarding material and pinch the textile between hands. Twist the textile and while holding the twist use a fabric marker of preference and decorate the fabric around your fingers with one shade. Twist the material some more and decorate once more around hands with another shade. Do that 3-4 times in different locations regarding the fabric.
  5. Flip the pennant over and, with the hot firearm glue, make a bead of glue about 1" down from top of the fabric all the way throughout the the top of pennant. Quickly fold the textile from the top on glue range and press set up.
  6. Make a pipe towards the top of the pennant for sequence of fabric to slide in to the pennant.
  7. When all six pennants tend to be finished, simply take a safety-pin and insert it in to the end associated with the string. Work the security pin to the tube or station of each and every pennant, sliding one on after another onto the string.


  • 4 yds of white cotton fabric
  • Fabric Dye, color of choice
  • Safety surface
  • Sewing machine
  • Fundamental stitching materials
  • Iron and pushing surface


  1. Dye fabric based on packaging.
  2. Once dry, iron material.
  3. Sew raw edges in order to complete.
  4. Hang or drape and find out the enjoyment!

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