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Dye Migration: Screen Printing Polyesters & Poly Blends

Dye migration can also be generally hemorrhaging or dye sublimation. This might be a process that occurs mainly between standard plastisol inks and artificial fibers like polyester. It really is perhaps most obviously with white inks on clothing colors like purple, navy, maroon and even dark greens. It would likely appear straight away when the t-shirts exit the oven, when they are kept to sit instantaneously and also fourteen days later. There are two common factors behind dye migration.

The real reason behind dye migration is just the reality that the dyes within the polyester textile sublimates or converts gaseous whenever heated to about 330 levels Fahrenheit during curing of the plastisol ink. Then the dye, in gaseous form, seeps to the ink level hence tinting it colour regarding the top. This really is inherent in dyeing means of polyester and is unavoidable not impossible to deal with. Whenever display publishing polyester or polyester combination clothes precautions should be taken to avoid this bleeding from taking place. This is just what we'll phone the "first" cause; over healing.

Over warming your printed polyester clothes during healing is inadvisable. It is vital to monitor the oven temperature to make certain consistent results. This includes flash curing. Take care not to overheat the clothing whenever flash healing on press. Cure all of the polyester garments under 320 degrees Fahrenheit. It's also possible to make use of a catalyst like Nylobond to cut back curing conditions of plastisol inks. Lower curing temperatures are the most useful security against color bleed. Thicker layers of ink will prevent dye migration nonetheless it also need longer home heating times and conditions.

It is best to use an ink specifically designed become low bleed or one that's designed for polyester materials. White ink could be the absolute worst for bleeding dilemmas. But do not be surprised to see other inks discolor after becoming imprinted on navy or black colored. You might use an under base to prevent bleeding many ink makers offer under base inks especially for this application.

The "2nd" cause is actually the exact same issue encouraged by different facets. The easy fact of the matter is that often the dyeing procedure for the polyester garments, which will be a sublimated one, is of substandard quality together with dye will often move effortlessly from fabric into the ink level. This really is an issue that can only be addressed during the factory where in fact the material is being colored. Good-luck. Making use of high quality services and products might help to prevent this aspect.

Another area of the 2nd cause is re-dyed shirts. This really is additionally something which begins on factory. Let's imagine Fruit of this Loom tends to make more yellow tops one spring period for reasons uknown then they encounter bigger instructions for shirts like black colored or navy and even maroon. Can you guess what they do? That's right, a re-dye work. Any re-dyed garments will have a tendency when it comes to dyes to bleed to the ink level. This goes for 100percent cotton fiber tops including polyester or polyester combinations. Printing white ink on a 100percent cotton tee-shirt that has been re-dyed might also lead to color bleeding in to the ink layer. Utilizing an excellent high quality, reasonable bleed, large opacity white ink for all of your darker colored 100% cotton shirts is recommended.

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