Hand Dyed Fabric

How to dye fabric red?

Chop the dyestuff for more surfaceChop the dyestuff for more area

Put sliced dyestuff into a bag.

Temperature in distilled water, 1 hour, not quite boiling

At the same time I premordanted components of silk cloth and wool yarn by heating them in water to which alum (aluminum ammonium sulfate, found in pickling, purchased at a pharmacy) have been included. 7-10percent alum by dry weight is standard, but we estimated extent.

Premordant fibers is dyed: in water with up to 10per cent alum

See the liquid change shade where in fact the cabbage is warming!

Dye bathtub with red cabbage.

I divided the dye into 3 parts. Into one We place 2 items of silk and one skein of yarn and heated (without boiling) for one hour. This is actually the color of the dye shower at simple pH.
temperature in distilled water, 1 hour
Dyeing in purple cabbage liquid, simple pH (pH 7)

We made others two parts of the dye alkaline and acidic, correspondingly. Towards first I included a generous teaspoon of cooking soda (salt bicarbonate) making the pH alkaline. Into the 2nd we added a tablespoon of vinegar (acetic acid) making the dye bathtub acidic. The color change was immediate.

Red cabbage dye with baking soda added (alkaline pH.)

Premordant fibers become colored in liquid with up to 10percent alum
Red cabbage dye with vinegar included (acid pH.)

We heated each for one hour, without boiling.And this is actually the outcome. The silk worked really, the wool yarn less well. From left to right: alkaline, natural and acid on thirds of one batch of purple cabbage liquid. During my image these are typically wet, dried out along with isn't as intense.

dyed with red cabbage: alkaline, basic and acidic conditions

I'm not sure just what occurred because of the wool. Wool yarns vary a whole lot. Possibly I didn't mordant well, possibly the wool have been addressed with something I didn't get washed off, or perhaps cabbage never adds much color to wool at neutral pH. More experiments required.

I also do not know exactly what will take place basically add 2 teaspoons of cooking soft drink or 2 tablespoons of vinegar.

I came across this by accident, expecting a fantastic green and getting a bluegreen at a demonstration-apparently different pHs within my plain tap water and at the University of Northern Colorado. I think the method here should work with everybody else since it begins with distilled liquid. If you use tap water, you'll find out something about your water's pH.

Before you decide to plan a summer time wardrobe dyed with red cabbage, i ought to point out that not one of my 15 all-natural dyeing publications works together purple cabbage. For that reason, i believe the colors may diminish or, experiencing one thing of an alternative pH, change color. Mine have actually their shade after monthly indoors, however.

Dye bath with red cabbage. Dyeing in purple cabbage liquid, neutral pH (pH 7) Red cabbage dye with cooking soft drink added (alkaline pH.) Red cabbage dye with vinegar included (acid pH.)

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