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Spray on fabric dye

Make layer upon layer of colorful stripes by simply folding an ordinary white tee and incorporating assorted colors of Tulip® One-Step Spray Dye! With every colorful squirt, it’s like traveling to another measurement of creativity.

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1. Prewash T-shirt without fabric softener and do not dried out.

2. Cover work area with throwaway plastic table cover.

3. Beginning at bottom part of T-shirt, pleat top loosely upward until whole shirt is pleated.

4. Using protective gloves, mix dyes according to package instructions.

5. Spray one-third of clothing with Lime, one-third with Orange, and one-third with Fuchsia. Allow shirt setting 6-8 hours.

6. Rinse top under cool operating water to get rid of extra dye. Dry clothing in dryer.

7. Construct on work area covered with disposable plastic table address. Spray clothing with liquid bottle until damp.

8. Beginning perpendicularly from very first dye design, loosely pleat top once again.

9. Combine Yellow and Turquoise Spray Dyes based on bundle instructions.

10. Spray half of pleated T-shirt with yellow-dye while the spouse with Turquoise. Let set 6-8 hours.

11. Rinse shirt under cool running liquid to remove excess dye.

12. Wash and dry top in accordance with package instructions.

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