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Where can I buy Dylon fabric dye?

Think British rushing green, lush green country and elegant parkland. This gorgeous green brings classic sophistication to any residence and timeless design to your ensemble. Complement with rich, radiant colours or put it on alone with beautifully understated confidence.

DYLON Give Dye Instructions


1. Weigh dry fabric. Clean thoroughly. Keep damp
2. Using rubber gloves, break down dye in 500ml hot water
3. Fill bowl/stainless metallic sink with approx 6 litres heated water (40°C)
4. Stir in 250g (5tbsp) salt. Add dye & stir well
5. Submerge fabric in water
6. Blend for 15mins, after that stir frequently for 45mins
7. Rinse textile in cold water. Wash-in hot water and dried out far from direct heat & sunlight


• you will require 250g salt
• 1 pack dyes up to 250g fabric (e.g. top) to complete tone or bigger amounts to less heavy tone
• Suitable materials: Cotton, linen and viscose. Wool, Silk, Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will color to less heavy shade
• Not appropriate: Pure polyester, acrylic, nylon & textile with special finishes
• clean separately for first few washes to eliminate any excess dye
• please be aware: Colour blending rules use (e.g. blue on red offers purple)


• give dye can be utilized into the microwave generate unique effects.
• For cotton, linen, silk and polyester/cotton blends only.
• Micro-Dyeing is certainly not appropriate wool, viscose or artificial materials.
• Remove all-metal on textile (zips, men, etc).

How To Use

1. Wash the material and then leave damp.
2. Select your result and prepare the material by scrunching, knotting, turning or folding – tie all fabrics securely.
3. Putting on rubber gloves, vacant the dye carefully into the bowl and slowly add 250 ml / ½ pint of warm water. Stir thoroughly to ensure dye is mixed. Add further 250 ml / ½ pint of water.
4. Place the textile into the bowl and work into the dye.
5. Put the bowl into a plastic bag or plastic wrap and put when you look at the microwave. Set on ‘high’ for 4 mins.
6. After 4 moments take away the dish from oven – be sure you protect both hands from heat.
7. Suggestion away the dye option and rinse the fabric in cold-water. To safeguard the structure try not to undo any knots, twists, folds etc., before water operates obvious.

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