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DYLON Give Dye Guidelines


1. Weigh dry material. Clean thoroughly. Keep moist
2. Using rubberized gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml hot water
3. Fill bowl/stainless metal sink with approx 6 litres warm water (40°C)
4. Stir in 250g (5tbsp) salt. Add dye & blend really
5. Submerge fabric in water
6. Blend for 15mins, then stir frequently for 45mins
7. Rinse fabric in cool water. Wash-in warm water and dried out from direct heat & sunlight


• you'll need 250g salt
• 1 pack dyes as much as 250g textile (e.g. shirt) to complete shade or bigger quantities to less heavy tone
• Suitable materials: Cotton, linen and viscose. Wool, Silk, Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will dye to less heavy tone
• Not suitable: Pure polyester, acrylic, plastic & textile with special finishes
• Wash individually for first couple of washes to remove any excess dye
• Please note: Colour mixing rules use (e.g. blue on red provides purple)


• Hand dye can be used in microwave generate special impacts.
• For cotton fiber, linen, silk and polyester/cotton blends just.
• Micro-Dyeing isn't suitable for wool, viscose or synthetic textiles.
• Pull all metal on fabric (zips, studs, etc).


1. Wash the textile and leave wet.
2. Choose your special result and prepare the fabric by scrunching, knotting, turning or folding – tie all textiles securely.
3. Using rubberized gloves, empty the dye carefully to the bowl and slowly include 250 ml / ½ pint of hot water. Stir thoroughly to make sure dye is dissolved. Add more 250 ml / ½ pint of water.
4. Position the fabric inside bowl and work to the dye.
5. Place the dish into a synthetic bag or synthetic place and put within the microwave oven. Set on ‘high’ for 4 mins.
6. After 4 mins eliminate the bowl through the oven – be sure you protect your hands from the heat.
7. Idea away the dye answer and wash the textile in cold water. To safeguard the structure do not undo any knots, twists, folds etc., through to the liquid runs clear.

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