Dylon permanent black fabric

Dylon Permanent fabric dye

Yes. Dylon Permanent Fabric Dyes are fiber reactive. Colors are permanent and will not fade or wash-out.

What type of fabrics are ideal for using with Dylon Permanent Fabric Dyes?
Cotton, linen, viscose rayon and silk tend to be normal fibers that achieve stunning outcomes using dyes. Polyester/cotton blends and wool could also be used; but the results might be a lighter tone. Usually do not dye 100 percent synthetics, angora, cashmere, mohair and materials with unique finishes.

How much dye to i must buy?
One package of dye will color 8 oz. dry fat fabric. This really is equal to a grownup big T-shirt or 1 1/2 yards of material. Dyeing a more substantial quantity per bundle can lead to a lighter color.

Can the dyebath be ready ahead of time?
No. Once the dye combination is mixed in liquid and added to the dyebath, the effect begins and dying has to take place immediately. The reaction time is an hour so the dyebath can not be reused.

Do i would like extra supplies for dyeing?
Salt ( 4 tablespoons per dye pack ), rubber gloves, calculating cup, plastic spoon and a container for dyeing.

What type of container do I need to use?
A flat-bottomed plastic dish or a stainless sink is recommended. After dyeing, clean container with a soft abrasive cleaner and liquid.

Exactly what dye technique is preferred?
Hand dyeing is advised with no boiling is needed.

How do I prepare the textile for dyeing?
Fabric must be clean and wet. Dye will not cover stains, faded places, or bleach places.

How do you avoid splotching?
Fabric must certanly be precisely ready. Agitate the material for very first ten minutes in dyebath; after that sometimes for following 50 minutes.

Can the dyes be mixed to obtain special colors?
Dyes may be combined. Fundamental shade maxims use; yellowish and blue make green.

What is going to occur if I over-dye an existing textile?
Beautiful effects are produced by over-dyeing printed materials, including polka dots, inspections, stripes, etc. The dye will mix using initial color to create an innovative new color.

Will Dylon dyes address spots or bleach markings?
No! It is vital to color clean material that is laundered to get rid of excess sizing. For most readily useful outcomes, usage PFD (ready for dyeing) fabric.

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