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Dylon Machine fabric dye

Tropical climates are famous for their particular rich vegetation and radiant tints set against succulent green leaves. This brilliant color of green is filled with living and freshness regarding the tropics. Take it to your residence or wardrobe for instant vitality.

DYLON device Dye guidelines The shade you achieve depends on 3 things: 1. FABRIC TYPE • Cotton, linen & viscose will color to full color • Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose blends will color to lighter shade • Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, plastic & textile with special finishes e.g. ‘dry clean only’, may not be colored 2. FABRIC AMOUNT • One pack will color as much as 600g of material (example. jeans, bath towel, dual sheet) fully tone & to 1.2kg of fabric (example. double duvet) to lighter tone • several packages will dye larger amounts to complete color, e.g. 2 packs for 1200g (example. two fold duvet) or 4 packs for 2kg (example. curtains) 3. FIRST FABRIC COLOUR • you are able to change one strong color to some other (or dye it to a lighter tone) through the use of DYLON PRE-DYE which lightens just before dye, prepared for color change. • Otherwise colour combining rules use, e.g. blue dye on purple fabric offers purple • designed material will often nonetheless show-through GUIDELINES • Weigh dry textile to make certain you have got adequate dye • clean carefully, even though brand-new, to remove stains or any dressings that may never be seen • Putting on plastic gloves, empty complete contents of pack(s) into drum (perhaps not the soap dispenser) • place in moist unfolded textile • Run 40°C cotton fiber cycle (don't use pre-wash, economy or half load cycles) • When complete, include detergent & run 40°C cotton period once more • eliminate fabric from machine, add detergent & run vacant 40°C cycle to completely clean machine • Dry textile away from direct heat & sunlight

  • Our vow: This dye won’t harm your device or influence subsequent washes

IDEAS • use within front loading automatic washers. Do not use in launderette machines. • Don’t dye over fifty percent machine’s maximum load to avoid crowding which will give patchy outcomes • Don’t use over five packs of dye at once There is no need to incorporate salt aided by the brand-new DYLON 350g packs of Machine Dye • Dyeing might not protect spots, faded places or bleach marks • need any dye be kept in device after dyeing, add cup bleach to drum, include detergent as usual & run machine vacant on 40°C period • After dyeing, wash independently or with similar tints for first two washes to eliminate any excess dye • Polyester sewing cannot dye Always see the complete directions in pack before usage.

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