DYLON Fabric Dye - Machine Dye

Washing Machine fabric dye

This little 350g Dylon pack is bursting with a whole spectrum of a few ideas, providing brilliant lasting results. From all tints brilliant and beautiful to rich and intense tones, with Dylon you have got all the colours associated with the rainbow to select from. If you feel just like a change - wake up your clothes, revive a faded top or enhance some support covers!

Dylon is so user friendly. Just add the dye then fabric to your washing machine drum. Run a 40 pattern, then operate another to clean and rinse.

One pack will dye 600g of fabric (trousers/jeans) to full shade or 1.2kg of fabric (double duvet cover) to a lighter shade. Suited to cotton fiber, linen, viscose. Light colors are going to be accomplished on polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes.

Colour: Tulip Red

Harmful. Aggravating to eyes and skin. Keep out-of-reach of kids. Maybe not appropriate wool, silk, artificial fibres (example. polyester, acrylic, nylon) and unique finishes. The dye wont damage your machine or affect subsequent washes.

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