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Gold Cross fabric Dyes

hot-water Dye 01Gold Cross high-temperature Dyes are specifically created dyes that'll achieve strong yields on cotton fiber, linen, tencil, hemp, rayon, nylon and woolen clothes and their particular blends. They are user friendly, heat set dyes that are stated in a variety of over 30 colours. These standard colours might blended to produce an unlimited variety of colours.

Silver Cross high-temperature Dyes are radiant, permanent and colour-fast whenever addressed in accordance with the instructions.

Silver Cross High Temperature Dye 10g Phial

The 10g pack contains 10g of dye in a temperature sealed packet within a synthetic phial. This number of dye is enough for 1/2 kg of dried out fat material (or just around two average sized tees). Unused dye can be saved for later use in the resealable, screw cap phial.

The 10g pack is essentially designed for dyeing one or two things (example. School recreations tops) in an inexpensive, user-friendly way. Simple and easy convenient, the 10g pack is the most well-known produce in our range. It attracts both the serious art dyer as well as the one off dyer who is trying to freshen a current color or maybe upgrade to a more eye-catching one.

Gold Cross High Temp 100g Automatic Washer Pack

NOTE: This product isn't suited to used in Front Loading automatic washers.

The washing machine pack is particularly designed for the dyeing of bigger garments which can be unsuitable for cooking pot dyeing due to their size. The dye and broker inside pack tend to be mixed so they will react in reduced temperatures (eg warm water from automatic washers). These packs are usually utilized for things such as curtains and bedspreads, that are not laundered as often as clothes. The colour-fastness in automatic washer packages is not as great as that achieved by boiling the apparel nevertheless color yield can be compared.

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