Natural Dyes

How to dyes fabric with natural dyes?

maybe you have had a white t-shirt that fit ideal? I've one. The thing is that the majority of times, I wish it absolutely wasn’t white. Red or orange or green is more my style.

I was thinking about purchasing some dye to alter along with, nevertheless know very well what? Old-fashioned chemical textile dyes are not that ideal for the surroundings.

The cool thing is you can color any all-natural fabric with veggie or good fresh fruit. Local Americans used vegetables and fruit for years and years to color their particular garments. And, we are able to still do it today. Dyeing clothing with natural dye isn't just a terrific way to use up veggies or fruits being on the solution, but it’s additionally a super-fun task to do with kids.

Therefore, let’s jump in!

Vegetables & fruits To Use

You should use all kinds of fruits and vegetables to dye textile with, such as for instance:

  • Plums
  • Red Onion Skin
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Grape juice
  • Lemons
  • Coffee
  • Red Cabbage

What direction to go

Dying garments with a normal dye is really simple. However you do require some sort of “fixative” to get it to permanently stick to your fabric.


All you have to do in order to ensure you get your dye going is it:

1. Ready your vegetable. Usually all you’ll need is the epidermis, especially with red onions. Reserve.

2. An additional pot, prepare your “fixitive” dish. Provide a light boil, and include your material. Simmer your fabric into the fixative for about one hour.

3. After an hour, carefully grab your fabric from simmering fixative. Wring away totally. Following, begin a unique cooking pot with your “fixed” material. Include cold water to cover, along with your chopped/grated fruits or vegetables. Provide a simmer. That is where you’ll begin to look at colors discharge into the liquid! Simmer for a minumum of one time.


It is a very fun process to relax and play with. Just how dark your shade will depend on several aspects, such as the fruit or vegetable you’re using, and exactly how long you let it immerse in the dye. Leslie at allow her to textile sit in the woman plum dye in a single day. The morning, she had a luscious pink material!

We recommend you are going browse her article on normal fabric dyes. Her images are superb, therefore’s so exciting to see what rich colors you will get merely with meals that’s developing inside a yard!

As well as myself? We can’t wait to offer new way life to some of my white tees! I’m so excited, particularly after seeing the gorgeous colors Leslie got together with her plums. I might want to do this tonight!

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