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Dyeing with natural dyes

img_82772014 Texa Parks & Wildlife agarita article i simply discovered – estimate who's pointed out? The basis gives the most readily useful color when it's sliced or ground. Lots of elbow grease, to obtain the root from the floor and slice it! View here for internet article from Texas Parks and Wildlife!

PDF backup is here…. identical to above

Picture below is different pine leaves, pine bark, acorns, persimmon and agarita. Agarita is on the far right!

Sponsored because of the Friends of San Antonio All-natural Areas – September tenth 10am – noon at Friedrich wild Park class room positioned at 21395 Milsa Rd. San Antonio, TX 78256

img_3748Explore the normal reputation for shade while learning contemporary application techniques. This talk should include useful aspects these types of asbinding representatives as well historic utilizes. Members can see samples of the colors generated by Texas lichens, cactus tuna, cochineal, Tx agarita, plus! For hundreds of years, people have utilized normal dyes using in your area offered plant, mineral and even insect sources. Today, picking all-natural dyes on the chemical alternative is now popular once we move toward much more lasting means of living. This workshop is provided by Deb McClintock, local artist and textile designer. To find out more, telephone call (210) 207-3782, or email Recommended contribution: per individual, or per household.

Click here in order to make a booking – contributions tend to be suggestion however needed, seek the September tenth lecture.

cochineal in to the cooking pot

shades of cochineal

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With overcast skies and lower temps (mid-80’s) it was time to tackle the garden and trim down the indigos. I'd been down from some surgery and after four weeks data recovery I actually have some energy to tackle the garden and attempt to catch-up. The Japanese Indigo as well as the Indigo Suffruticosa have been playing well together into the prime bed. The Suff are a bully and shade out the JI. If my alternative indigo sleep works out on west side of the household my prime bed goes back into Japanese Indigo. Meanwhile there is certainly cutting to-do. Here’s the start…

The cage is keep consitently the raccoons from looking for grubs around my Japanese Indigo. We were left with eight packages of JI to dry. These leaves will dry on the next week as our temps hop back-up and get saved to get more dried leaf dye experiments.

We used the shorter cuttings and trimmings to complete some blender indigo. I really couldn’t bear to let any indigo leaf visit waste!

We keep carefully the JI leaves in iced liquid until i possibly could get to all of them. Then I trimmed out my Indigo Suffrucitosa to put another group into a-soak.

That trimming yielded about 1700 grams of leaves. They’ve already been tucked in a tall pot, given liquid and sat apart to drench a couple of days to take back the indigo from the leaves….rot it!

There is another IS group prepped recently and proved itself an indigo cooking pot. I added slaked lime plus some solar power floor madder root I had on hand in reducing the cooking pot, looking back at yesterday I tested some napkins and pot proved prepared to work. Here’s yesterday’s results from Indigo Suffrucitosa paid off with bad madder root with a ph kick of slaked lime.

20120901-223948.jpg 20120714-112336.jpg cochineal to the pot colors of cochineal

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