How to dye fabric shoes?

United states Duchess dyeable satin shoes are specifically engineered to yield the very best, many consistent results when custom-coloring. We've searched high and reduced for the right dyeable satin material on earth, to really make it easier than ever to totally customize your historical footwear.

When customizing your satin shoes, we firstly recommend getting your footwear expertly dyed, particularly if you desire to match a specific shade. Your local shoe mechanic shop will more than likely have this solution, or perhaps you might wish to attempt

If you intend to color your shoes your self, we only recommend Overseas Fabric Shoe Dye, since it consistently produces very good results. Global Fabric Shoe Dye comes in 21 basic colors, and that can be combined for infinite variety. International Fabric Shoe Dyes could be lightened or darkened making use of Global Fabric Universal Lightener or Toning Black, and certainly will be mixed to produce a matte finish on satin footwear by using International Fabric Dye effortless Matte. The 21 standard colors are used singularly, in just a paintbrush or dauber, but blending custom colors takes practice and experimentation. If you are nervous about attaining your desired shade, keep the dyeing to a professional.

*Three 1 oz. pots of dye are recommended for Nankeen boots. One 1 oz. cooking pot is enough to dye Tissot, Georgiana alongside types with cotton fiber sateen uppers.

Satin footwear which have been colored tend to be susceptible to liquid spotting. To help keep this from occurring, you should spray your dyed footwear with Scotch Guard or the same fabric protectant, but just as this inhibits dampness, in addition prevents dyeing your shoes once more as time goes by. If you wish to dye your footwear once again, don't spray all of them with protectant, and keep in mind that you can only color a darker shade, example: black over yellow.

Dyeing Procedure With Overseas Fabric Shoe Dyes

1. Test the color on a swatch of the same fabric. Should your shade needs modification, combine with Global Universal Lightener or Overseas Mixing Ebony until you achieve the required outcome. Do not combine with liquid.

2. Wash every marks, concrete, or stains from each of your shoes. Eliminate laces, ribbons, etc.

3. Apply the dye. Follow these steps to find the best results:

  • Apply dye with a dauber or smooth paintbrush.
  • Begin applying the dye behind seam. Don't overlap on the opposite side of the seam or heel. Begin 1/8" away from the seam, and invite the dye to seep engrossed. Move effortlessly through the backseam towards the toe, using fast, even shots, after that around the other region of the shoe into the straight back seam once again. Re-dip your brush as required. Combination as you go, to avoid dark sectors from developing.
  • Dye the high-heel last, avoiding connection with all of those other shoe.

4. Enable the footwear to air-dry, maintaining any objects from pressing the material. Don't rinse.

5. If you don't want to dye the shoes again, spray with Scotch Guard or a textile protector, to safeguard your footwear from liquid spotting.

Methods For Dyeing Your Satin Shoes

  • Shoes needs to be clean before dyeing. Stains might eliminated by washing the shoe with Overseas Fabric Shoe Cleaner.
  • Each kind of material dyes differently. Constantly test the dye on a swatch of the identical material from which the footwear has-been made.
  • Before applying dye, test colour regarding the sample swatch. Lighten the colour with the addition of Global Universal Lightener, or darken colour by the addition of Overseas Mixing Ebony, in really small amounts, testing regarding sample swatch each and every time. Enable the test to dry totally to determine the final shade.
  • Light impacts shade, especially sunshine. Suit your shade with the source of light where the shoes will likely to be used.
  • Apply the dye towards footwear in one sitting, completing the task entirely, without disruption. Work rapidly and evenly without over-saturating the textile.

Methods For Dyeing Your Cotton Fiber Shoes

  • Cotton shoes are extremely absorbent, and certainly will simply take much more dye than satin. One 1 oz. pot is sufficient to color one set of Georgiana, Tissot, or slipper-like shoes; Three 1 oz. pots is going to be needed for Nankeen shoes.
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