Textile Chemicals

Textile Dyeing Chemicals

UreaUrea~Dye Chemical

Use whenever applying dye solutions directly to material as in tie dyeing and hand artwork with Procion MX or Acid dyes. Urea slows the drying process allowing longer for dye to react with material, yielding deeper, much more radiant colors.

  • Chemical Compound-Carbamide-CO(NH 2)2
  • Size-1 lb
  • Price-$4.50
  • Size-5 pounds
  • Price-$11.50

Alum~Marbling moderate

Marbling method and presoak for material when performing flower pounding, and as a mordant for all-natural dyes.

  • Chemical Compound-Potassium Aluminum Sulfate-KAl(SO4)2·12H2O
  • Price-$5.99

Soda Ash~Dye Setting Agent

  • Chemical Compound-Sodium Carbonate-Na2CO3
  • Price- $4.50

Ludigol F~DYe Enhancer

AlumDye enhancer for steam environment dyes. Utilize 1 teaspoon per quart-add to color shower whenever steam environment when needing deep tones and vapor setting silk. larger quantities offered by unique purchase.

  • Chemical Compound-Sodium nitrobenzenesulfonate-C6H4NNaO5S
  • Size-2 oz.
  • Price-.50

Sodium Alginate F~Dye Thickener

Seaweed derivative utilized as a thickener for dyes, well suited for painting on silk and wool.

  • Chemical Compound-Polysaccharide-C6H9NaO7
  • Size-2 oz
  • Price-$7.50

Sodium Alginate SH~Dye Thickener

Seaweed derivative used as a thickener for dyes, well suited for painting on cotton, linen and rayon.

Carageenan~Marbling Medium

Natural seaweed gelling broker for marbling on fabrics and paper. Provides a viscous surface that allows the dyes to float in the fluid area.

  • Chemical Compound-Polysaccharide-C24H36O25S2-2
  • Size-4 oz case
  • Price-$19.95

Methocel~Marbling moderate

Soda AshMethocel-synthetic replacement for carrageenan -used to marbling in some recoverable format and textiles. Less expensive than all-natural carageenan.

  • Chemical Compound-Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose-C29H54O16
  • Size-8 oz bag
  • Price-.99

Silk Salt

Silk sodium for starburst strategies with batik and silk painting. Sprinkle while dye/paint remains wet to press color around, allow to dry and brush-off. Rinse as usual.
  • Chemical Compound-Sodium Chloride-NaCl
  • Size-2 oz jar
  • Price-$2.30
  • Size-10 oz container

Fiber Etch~Velvet Etching Solution

For producing your own personal burnout velvet. Etching option for fabrics and paper. Removes fibers from velvets and level textiles in addition to papers. Usage with stencils or freehand. Contains sodium bisulfate

  • Size-2 oz bottle with applicator tip
  • Price-$7.95

Color Magnet~Dye Attractant

Synthrapol~Excess Dye Grabber

  • Chemical Compound-Surfactant
  • Size- 6 oz. container
  • Price-$6.99
  • Size-1 quart
  • Price-$24.99

Airfix~Dye establishing

Fixative for textiles and applications in which heat environment may not be done. Around 1 tsp per quart of water based paint.

  • Size-60 ml. container
  • Price-$9.00
  • Size-250 ml. container
  • Price-$30.75

No Flow~Dye Inhibitor

Antifusant always prevent the scatter of dyes on textile. Helpful for drawing or writing with dye or with felt-tip markers on silk when making use of a brush with liquid dyes or shows, blot extra from bristles before artwork.

Textile mediums Marbling on material

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