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How to Tie and dye fabric?

Tie Dye TraysTie-dyeing 's been around for a long time! I’ve constantly adored it. Call myself a hippie, but there’s only one thing about those brightly twisted swirls of shade that make myself so happy! Honoring nationwide Tie-Dye Day, i desired to share a lesser-known but quite as radical way of tie-dyeing – the Ice Dye method. Here’s just what you’ll need to get begun:

We picked up some simple white children tees and some Tulip® One-Step Tie-Dye Kits. You’ll also need to get a couple of pans and racks which you don’t mind getting messy.

What’s awesome about the Tulip One-Step system usually this has just about everything you will need in it! Most tutorials will tell you doing a soda ash wash on your materials very first, but these kits come with that built in. Easy!

Let’s begin!

1. Wash Your Material

Sprinkle DyeI would recommend you working your garments items through a regular wash cycle to get rid of sizing and any chemical compounds that'll have-been used on all of them during manufacturing. Never dried out! We would like the textiles good and damp for dyeing.

2. Scrunch and Fold

Here’s where you could get imaginative. You will find lots of tie-dye folding methods online, therefore test several. For ice-dyes, I happen to love the great ol’ crumple technique. The one-step kits have elastic bands, but I have omitted using them because of this tutorial. Used to don’t desire the difficult lines that they can sometimes create. Once you’ve got your desired fold, spot your textile along with a rack which resting on a foil pan. The pans will capture your dye water. Do not allow your fabrics touch or perhaps you may get some color operate like mine performed… Although, I think it proved pretty great irrespective.

Covered in Dye3. Protect with Ice

Next, you need to totally protect your fabric with ice. Pile it on until every inch is covered. The greater amount of ice you utilize, the greater results you will observe inside dye.

4. Sprinkle Dye

AVOID. Put-on the gloves that arrived in the kit. This task is essential unless you want blue and purple arms the next day. Since you are protective gloves are on, open up various bottles of dye. Tulip makes choosing shade combos simple with your kits. They make certain to provide you with colors that won’t muddy up and turn dark brown once they blend. For ice-dyeing method, we won’t in fact mix-up the dye with liquid in order to make a liquid. You want to utilize simply the dust!


Carefully sprinkle the powdered dye over your ice making sure to cover it all. Be big here. Many dye = lots of vibrant colors.

5. Let it Melt

According to which the main country you reside together with time of the year, this may take anywhere from one hour to over night. It’s best to do an ice-dye on a sunny day and allow it set for 6-8 hours. Many people use snowfall with this technique. Just how enjoyable!


Once it’s all melted, your fabrics will look like this. Don’t worry if you notice chunky, powdered dye leftover. It's going to wash off soon.

6. Rinse

Rinse all your pieces in chilled water before liquid operates obvious. Don’t forget to help keep your gloves on because of this component!

7. Wash

This last step is very important in creating sure that your dye sets. Fill your washer to a big load environment with hottest water suited to the material and handful of washing detergent. Clean and dry your fabric independently. In addition suggest cleansing these pieces individually the first couple of washes.

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