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Crafts and arts
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Level Of Skill 1
Year of Introduction: 2006

1. Know what best kinds of products tend to be for dyeing and how to get ready them for dyeing.[edit]

Top forms of product have at the very least 80percent cellulose. Including:

  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Linen
  • Tencel (Lyocell)

Before tie-dyeing, the materials must be cleaned to remove any sizing (a compound entirely on brand new garments), then wet in a bath of soda ash.

2. Know very well what the objective of the Soda Ash is and exactly how long the material should soak.[edit]

Submerging the textile in a remedy of soft drink ash makes the materials of this fabric for permanent chemical bonding because of the dye utilized in tie-dyeing. The folded and tied fabric might submerged in a bath of soft drink ash answer for 5-30 minutes. Dye is then used, either by submerging the cloth bundle in a bath of dye or by squirting dyes onto certain regions of the textile. Alternatively, the soda ash might be included right to the dye solution without soaking the material in a solution of soft drink ash. After 12-48 hours, depending temperature, dye, therefore the desired brightness associated with last product, the fabric are rinsed and unwrapped.

3. Understand the reason for the Urea that's mixed with the Dye.[edit]

Urea helps to dissolve the dye. Moreover it slows the drying process enabling the dyes to create brilliant colors.

4. Exactly what safety equipment should-be worn when combining up the dye for Tie-Dyeing? Why?[edit]

At a minimum, an apron and gloves must certanly be used. Soda ash is somewhat caustic, so that you don't want to have it on the epidermis or on your clothing. You ought to know that dye will color your skin and clothes as easily since it colors a tee-shirt.

5. Determine what the three main colors are.[edit]

The 3 major colors for dyes tend to be red, blue, and yellow.

6. Verbally explain what major colors of dye is necessary to result in the next additional colors. Orange, Green, & Purple.[edit]

Orange, green, and purple are called the additional colors as they are each created by combining two primary colors. In order to make blend this and also this

  • Orange = Yellowish + Red
  • Green = Blue + Yellow
  • Purple = Red + Blue
Combine this and also this To produce
Yellow Red Orange
Blue Green

7. Verbally explain what the end result will likely be if two secondary colors are combined.[edit]

Blending two secondary colors will create a shade of brown. This is basically the just like mixing all three primaries (though it will not be an equal mix of the primaries).

8. Make use of a Kleenex muscle & colored marker to demonstrate two different sorts of folds you could do on a T-shirt.[edit]

Fold the structure using one of many habits explain below or compensate yours design. After the muscle happens to be collapsed, shade it with a marker. Then unfold it to begin to see the result.

Below is a listing of common modern tie-dying folds and habits.


Bullseyes include a central point that will be bound, as though poking the material with a finger or stick after that joining the protrusion every 1-2 inches. Typically different shade dyes tend to be placed on each certain area to produce bands of shade.


Horizontal or straight stripes are created by pleating the fabric into several tiny folds, causing the dye to distribute laterally. Horizontal pleats make vertical outlines, and straight pleats make horizontal lines.

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