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Fabric hand dye

One reason why I sew (and knit) is because I have discovered that it is the most cost-effective way to get what I want. I’m a picky woman, so when We decide I want something, i would like precisely that thing. (See including the Toddler Blazer pattern – the complete reason I managed to make it was because I couldn’t find a ready-made blazer into the color and size i desired. Then I couldn’t even find a ready made pattern to make my own blazer. Frustrating at the time, but wonderful in hindsight since it’s however my top-selling pattern)

Me constantly wanting what I wish then becoming struggling to believe it is often spills up to textile. Therefore I do some dyeing, which (hopefully) isn’t to start with obvious by evaluating my projects (unless i would like it to be, like an ombre strategy).

A few of the things I’ve dyed and published about:

And the products from this yet-to-be-revealed ensemble

For many of the products, I’ve utilized RIT dyes. I like the fluid dyes, together with rather a stock of them in my case. If you would like learn about making use of these dyes (including a number of the downsides) Dana from Made published this post.


With many of the tasks I’ve been lower than 100percent happy with the outcomes. Particularly utilizing the ombre dress, when we experienced at least three dye it, overdye it, bleach it, begin again rounds. And I’m nevertheless perhaps not delighted using benefits.

Basically, there are two main dilemmas I’ve had by using these dyes.

  1. They’re very hard to mix predictably. Even using the ColoRIT guide and test dyeing swatches, I can’t get foreseeable results. The Aquamarine (shorts and top cuff above) appears to be the only one I have had dependable, likeable results from. And only basically don’t blend it.
  2. It's very hard to get deep, radiant colors with your dyes, also using hot liquid and sodium and after instructions to a T. Therefore becomes more hard when you’re blending dyes – that particularly generally seems to me to muddy the seas, so to speak, and give you duller colors.

In comparison, We have had great chance dyeing and painting yarn that We spin, including awesome results with Kool-Aid. But I don’t usually sew with wool, and necessary protein materials (love wool) and plant fibers (want cotton fiber) dye differently.

just how to dye material

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