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Thank you for visiting R & R Reproductions! roentgen & roentgen had been established in October 1993 by Ann Robbins and Pat Ryan. After meeting and sharing their passion for traditional samplers, they formed roentgen & roentgen to recreate samplers from private collections, museums or discovers from their journeys. Several of their reproductions are quite important since they remain true into the initial pieces, down seriously to the littlest of details eg a hanging thread. From an interview when you look at the Stitchery Magazine, January 1999: "it absolutely was Sarah Anne Buck whom began us hand-dyeing linen. We required slate board green on her behalf 1821 sampler, " Pat describes. "Manufacturers simply don't make those tones. Therefore, we experimented. Whenever stitchers saw the colors on our sampler designs, they wanted similar textiles. Soon, manufacturers were calling us. Today we are when you look at the dyeing business." All roentgen & R Reproductions linens tend to be hand-dyed, and certainly will vary somewhat in color, depending on the matter and density of the linen. Ann and Pat hand dye a lot more than 50, 000 yards of linen each year.

Additonal details about R & R:

  • We were initial hand-dyed organization in U.S.
  • We make use of cold-water dyes
  • A discontinued shade suggests it's going to not be in the line
  • A retired shade ensures that no body happens to be utilizing it therefore we require the very least purchase of 5 yards to dye it. It could come-back as an active shade inside line.
  • Never store hand-dyed fabrics in Ziploc-type plastic bags. You may be only asking for trouble and color changes, as a type of chemical response occurs with synthetic and dye things made use of.
  • Q-snaps may be used on hand-dyed textiles if they are removed after each and every use and not remaining regarding the stitched piece for months at the same time (substance reaction once again).
  • We make use of both round fiber and complete fibre dyes. a round dietary fiber dye is a fast plunge and only coats the outer lining (a bad option for pulled work or hardanger). The full fibre dye is a longer dyeing procedure and coats the complete dietary fiber through and can be utilized for an needlework technique.
  • As a result of 'antiquing' process as well as the dyes utilized, it's not recommended to wash R & R linens (especially the coffee dyes).
  • With hand-dyed material, some raveling is involved; often a couple of ins, depending on the material.
  • All textiles are pre-ironed before shipment or sale.
  • Many colors could be colored in every matter.
  • We never stock colored fabrics-only the bottom materials to color all of them on. Each order is custom dyed for your store.
  • We DO use coffee and espresso to dye with-the acid content happens to be tested and approved by museums all over the U.S.

In addition to designing Reproduction Samplers and dyeing linen, Pat and Ann visit shops over the U.S., offering courses in regards to the history of samplers, describing this is of themes, and sharing their particular personal selections. Pat features co-authored a book, "historical Samplers" which will be today out of print, and popular by stitchers around the world.

R&R Colors: (you needs a PDF audience to get into these pages)

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