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How to Ombre dye fabric?

One of my personal favorite activities to do crafting wise is dyeing. I love to tiedye fabrics, garments, and especially handmade toys We make. I’ve also gotten my kiddies engrossed. Every time they see myself use the dyes, they ask if they can dye something, too.

It’s such a great procedure and the email address details are constantly therefore vibrant and breathtaking. But, it’s additionally a mystery, also. With low water immersion and on occasion even tiedye or so other how to dye, occasionally you've got no idea just how it's planning to turn-out. I like that about this craft.

I just bought this top (that I easily forgot to take a “before” picture). It absolutely was a peasant style top on clearance at Ross for $5! (BTW, I’m a complete thrift store junkie and purchase almost all of my garments and my children’s clothing from thrift stores, however if you browse the clearance area at Ross, you can get thrift shop costs for some amazing discounts).

I attempted to get an accurate picture for color, nevertheless the shade is a mix between these two pictures.

The issue had been it was pure white. I'm a complete mess. I get stuff around me personally when I prepare or art, plus i've a 4 year-old just who believes I’m a person napkin. A pure white shirt WOULDN'T work with myself, previously. Therefore, I pulled on a package of dye, one my faves, Tulip permanent dust dyes, in turquoise and made a decision to ombre they shirt.

Making one thing ombre is really simple, and you’ll love the outcome.

Ombre Dyeing Tutorial


  • Cotton or polycotton (at least 50per cent cotton) fabric or clothes including a t-shirt or skirt in white
  • 1/4 glass salt
  • 1 bundle of powdered dye like Tulip’s permanent dye
  • huge metal cooking pan such as for example a dutch oven.


Below the guidelines is an image detailed regarding the process.

1. Make a location for your set-up because DYE STAINS! I personally use one region of the stainless-steel sink with some foil stretched out on the counter to guard the counter and exactly what I’m dyeing.

2. Pour the powdered dye to the pan. Fill it about 2/3rds to 3/4ths full with heated water.

3. Add 1/4 cup of kosher salt. (I happened to be out so I added sea salt instead.) After that, stir until sodium is mixed.

4. Get piece of clothes wet then wring it out.

5. Then, insert the base 3rd for the garments in to the dye bathtub and put the remainder in the foil in the counter.

6. Allow it to stay for hours. So long as you can stay. I usually do at the very least 4 hours. You need the dye to crawl-up the fabric.

7. Within 4 hour level take a measuring glass and sprinkle some of the dye bath up another 1/3rd regarding the clothes, both front and back and put it back down. Then, wait another time.

8. Afterwards hour, after that put the entire clothes in to the dye bath and stir it simply quite. Set a timer for half an hour.

9. At half an hour, carry the entire thing on washing machine, pour the whole thing into the washing machine, and run it on rinse twice.

10. Next, add detergent and clean and rinse yet again.

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