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Ombre dye fabric

02-ombreOmbré and dip-dye in addition lead to perfect Do-it-yourself tasks, as you will wield total control of the color and keeping the dyeline or ombré fade. I’ve seen lots of ombré tutorials on the web today, but each guide takes a slightly various method and ultimately ends up with an alternate result. In this specific article, I’ll show you three variations on ombré and dip-dyeing, each with different results, so that you can pick what will perform best for your task.

Ombré is a slowly increased dipping strategy that I will describe in part one below. This sluggish process produces a sunrise result which soft and subdued. It's also the trickiest of all of the three among these processes to master. Although it could be a little more intense to achieve, it's definitely worth the work of performing it right. I help you to give yourself some rehearse before jumping into a huge project. I recommend starting by ombré dyeing one thing tiny for training, like a scarf. Once you obtain the hang from it, you'll have a much much easier time with larger jobs.

With Regards To Color Solution

Whenever you’re picking a shade for the ombré piece, consider not merely the entire, darkest shade of dye, additionally the lightest advantage. It seems obvious—and in a few instances it truly is—but particular colors produced unforeseen tints. Many tones of brown will tint pink, and black dye—which, unlike black colored ink, is made up of multiple pigments—will usually turn blue or purple as opposed to grey. If you’re unsure about the means a certain dye will diminish into its tint, I’d recommend a fast test in your chosen textile: simply make a mini dye bathtub and dye a scrap. Make sure you entirely wash and dry the material to begin to see the last shade.


  • Gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Vinyl spoons
  • Fabric (I utilized silk for the examples, and now have also utilized cotton and linen to great result. Make sure your dye fits your textile content, as wool and polyester need completely various dyes.)
  • Synthetic container for dye shower (you need a container since wide as your yardage or apparel. For huge jobs, start thinking about designating a sizable synthetic storage space container as the dye bathtub.)

General Prep

Give consideration to how you desire the ombré or dip-dye to check on your own finished project. For most projects, it will be easier to dye the finished garment rather than color the yardage. If you desire a gown aided by the bottom 4 ins dip-dyed or a top-to-bottom ombré clothing, you ought to construct the apparel before dyeing, so your dyeline will automatically be even throughout the apparel. Needless to say, you might want to use these techniques to draw awareness of a feature within the apparel (say an ombré patch pocket, or watercolor-dyed raglan sleeves). In that case, plan on dyeing yardage.

Planning the Dye Bath

Now you have actually a strategy, wash your textile or garment such that it is clean of every natural oils or starch and able to uniformly take colour of this dye. Apply a dust mask and gloves, and ready your dye shower based on its guidelines. I take advantage of procion dyes (We discover the colors to be truer into the swatch and sometimes more intense than craft store dyes) but do note this calls for mixing dyer’s sodium and soft drink ash in to the dye bathtub, along with the procion pigment (some procion guidelines will have you combine the soda ash in at a later phase). Whatever dye you utilize, be sure to completely blend all of the elements in to the dye shower carefully before dipping your fabric, for even results.

With this task, you will definitely blend the dyer’s sodium, pigment, and soft drink ash to the bath before dipping your textile. For this, develop a paste from pigment and a tiny bit of liquid. In another obvious container, blend the soda ash with a cup of liquid until its entirely dissolved. After that, in a large synthetic container, blend the pigment paste, liquid, and soda ash mixture together.

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