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Natural Brown fabric dyes

The wild plum is a shrub or little tree that is also known as United states plum, United states crazy plum, sandhill plum, Osage plum, lake plum, sand cherry, thorn plum, crazy yellow plum, red plum, August plum, goose plum, hog-plum or sloe plum. Wild plum, Prunus americana, is generally within thickets. The product range is from Massachusetts west to Manitoba and Montana, south to Utah, Colorado, and Oklahoma, east to Florida, and north to nyc.

The good fresh fruit for the wild plum is employed today for jellies and desserts; however the bark and roots were often used by local Us citizens with regards to their medicinal properties. The Cheyenne mixed the crushed fresh fruits of the wild plum with sodium to deal with lips infection. They even crushed and boiled the small rootlets and the bark of older wild plum using origins associated with the scarlet thorn as a diarrhea treatment. The Mesquakies utilized the root bark associated with wild plum to heal canker sores all over lips. The many species of wild plum tend to be astringent and sedative, additionally the bark is a tonic. The roots and bark contain a bitter compound also a substance known as phloretin, which is a dynamic broker against gram-positive and unfavorable bacteria. The roots may also give a reddish or rusty brown dye when boiled in water.

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