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Setting fabric dye

It is about the dye you employ originally. Avoid using "Rit" since it's a "fugitive" dye (like indigo or blue jeans tend to be) That means it fades with cleansing & from sunshine. Best brand is Procion. It remains true & bright. It's a "Fiber reactive dye". Fiber reactive dyes, like Procion MX, bond using the dietary fiber at a molecular degree, becoming chemically the main fabric. This is the brand that professional tye-dyers use! Read more about it only at that Address:

Procion: Ideal Dye for Tie Dying

* if you have already colored your things, then you should heat-set your colored fabric. Either with an iron or perhaps in an extremely hot dryer. Once you heat set be careful that you don't damage your ironing board with dye. Put an open paper bag within the ironing board After that another within the tie-dye to greatly help absorb any extra dye. Don't use newspaper or the ink will get on your tie-dye & the ironing board. In addition every time you wash your item place approximately half a cup of any kind of Vinegar inside rinse water. The Vinegar assists set the dye, but nothing takes the place of a quality dye.

Another dye that is enjoyable for young ones is "sunlight Painting" with "InkoDye". This special dye goes on obvious then transforms brilliant & permanent with the UV rays from sunshine (you can also make use of it inside with heat). With this particular solar power dye you need to use only 100per cent cotton fiber or rayon textiles. This is actually enjoyable to-do outside regarding the yard with children (in their old bathing suits). You can either drop the textile to the dye or utilize a paintbrush to apply it for a different sort of appearance. This dye is not because bright as or as permanent since the Procion we mentioned previously nevertheless the kids love the magic of painting it on clear & viewing the color come to life before your eyes! The coolest action to take with kids is pick a 100per cent cotton fiber flat sheet on thrift shop & allow kids have actually their method with-it, paining unique colorful sheet! Directions for using "InkoDye" tend to be detailed at the bottom with this URL:

"Jacquard" is yet another high quality business. They offer kits of their colors at Joann's materials & you should use the 40percent off coupon. Listed here is among their products. It looks, seems & works like a dye, but it is in fact a paint:

"Tea Juice Markers" may a great strategy to use (especially for kids) they must be heat set with an iron before wearing:

For complete guidelines on everything about dying, search the web site or phone them, this business are super-friendly & understand every thing about dyes!

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