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Those cushions are BEAUTIFUL, which is why I was disappointed at the conclusion of the video clip to find your ice-dyed material seemed a lot more like a little diffuse tie-dye. We then followed the Do-it-yourself url to, and discovered some more examples that seemed a lot more like the movie, combined with the same stunning pillows and a t-shirt that was pretty clearly a digitally imprinted image of clouds.

After just a little google picture search investigator work, i came across your reason those pillows may actually have these types of a beautiful watercolor effect is really because they actually *are* watercolors–digitally imprinted photos from scanned (or photographed) watercolor paintings by musician Jacqueline Maldonado.

You could buy those cushions (or many various other stuff like iphone cases and dog bandanas) printed along with her designs at Deny Designs. Like, right here’s a web page out of all the items they sell imprinted using the first design shown above: . If you click her title on that page, you can see each of the woman designs.

If you would like create the appearance your self, make use of the exact same method, painting wet-on-wet watercolors in some recoverable format, then scanning the picture and publishing with a site like Spoonflower (for textile, wallpaper, wrapping paper, or decals) or Zazzle (for finished products like pillows and mugs). For direct dyeing material to similar result, I don’t think ice-dyeing is going to do the secret. Hand-painted silks could work well (start to see the works of Ellen Brook, for instance: ). For a far more “DIY” process that starts to approach the design, the are tutorials available to you utilizing sharpies and scrubbing alcoholic beverages ( the very first yahoo picture website link is those same pillows–but they’re maybe not made in this way, either!)

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