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UV fabric dye

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Message: can you really make an Ultraviolet reactive dye (shine at nighttime)?

You can find three different types of products that could be described as either UV reactive or as radiance at nighttime. They produce various effects from a single another.

The very first, & most most likely the main one you have in mind, is just fluorescent. Whenever ultraviolet light, that will be invisible to our eyes, shines upon it, a fluorescent compound produces visible light. The light generally seems to result from no place, as if it's shining at night, but truly it is simply a shift in wavelength from hidden light to visible light. Once the black colored light is switched off, the fluorescent shade disappears.

There are only a few fluorescent material dyes commercially available, the majority of which never work very well on cotton fiber. Mostly of the fluorescent true dyes that does work on cotton fiber is found in the "Fluorescent yellowish" color of iDye, a direct dye made by Jacquard Products. For dyeing silk, wool, or nylon, you should use a fluorescent acid dye. Aljo Mfg. in nyc sells some fluorescent acid dyes web, including Fluorescent Rhodamine B, Fluorescent Blue G, Fluorescent Violet, and Fluorescent Flavine Yellow. They are the just United States resource I know of for blue and violet fluorescent acid dye. Unfortunately, all fluorescent fabric dyes fade rapidly if subjected to sunshine.

In the place of a fluorescent textile dye, you can make use of a fluorescent material paint. Cloth paint includes particles of pigment suspended in a glue-like binder which sticks the pigment to your dietary fiber. Screen publishing ink is a type of fabric paint that always actually leaves a tremendously rigid coating in which it is painted, you could also buy fabric paint which soft rather than after all harsh-feeling on fabric. See my earlier in the day blog posts, "how can you make a genuine fluorescent (UV-reactive) tie-dyed t-shirt?", and

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