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Message: there clearly was an internet web page FLUORESCENTWORKS.COM that advertises "the only really the only fluoroscent tie dye t-shirt". Any tips as to how these are typically making these, when I've not ever seen any fluorescent dyes?
They truly are most likely not using fluorescent dyes, but, as an alternative, are utilising fluorescent fabric shows, also known as pigment dyes. As opposed to bonding right to the fibre as dyes do, these pigments tend to be basically glued on the materials with an acrylic binder. Note that, among the tie-dyed tees at that site, only one is colored with real fluorescent colors; the remainder of their tie-dyed t-shirt web page is specialized in non-fluorescent fibre reactive dyes, into the typical brilliant though non-fluorescent neon-like colors. Additionally they offer Anvil's pigment dyed solid-color t-shirts in true fluorescents. Pigment dye will usually diminish faster than fibre reactive dyes, because particles of pigment take the outside of each fibre, in which they tend to wear off.

This can be done your self because of the fluorescent colors of Dharma Pigment Dye, that is a type of cloth paint, or along with other fluorescent fabric paints, including Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow. These outlines of textile paints have mostly non-fluorescent material paints, and five approximately colors of real fluorescents. When working with cloth paint, you're not probably be capable of getting such smooth solid colors while they have, you should get great results for tie-dyeing.

Your absolute best results could possibly originate from utilizing Procion dyes to do a background in turquoise, fuchsia, and lemon yellow, then, after cleansing down as usual and drying out, applying the fluorescent pigment dye to make the colors "pop". You are able to dilute the pigment dye and employ it like tie-dye dye, you can also paint it entirely on the areas of similar colors of non-fluorescent dyes.

There clearly was one great fluorescent dietary fiber reactive dye, Remazol Fluorescent Yellow FL. It is an excellent fluorescent yellowish, also it types a beneficial permanent covalent relationship to the cellulose dietary fiber, like many dietary fiber reactive dyes. Regrettably, it's not sold in quantities little sufficient for an individual user. The European dye organization Dystar sells Remazol Fluorescent Yellow FL in packages of 5 kilograms each, or bigger, that will be undoubtedly prohibitive the the greater part of hand dyers. Until a company like Dharma or Jacquard Products repackages this dye into more affordably-sized plans, it is out of reach for us as hand dyers.

Dharma Trading business sells a real fluorescent yellow dye, however it is perhaps not designed for usage on cotton. It really is an acid dye. They suggest using it on silk, wool, hair, or plastic. PRO Chemical & Dye offers the fluorescent acid dyes Rhodamine B and Flavine Yellow among their WashFast Acid Dye series, which, once again, are not suitable for cotton tees. They'd run nylon, silk, or wool. None of the real fluorescent dyes will be extremely satisfactory on cotton fiber. They are also excessively sensitive to permanent diminishing in sunlight. Fluorescent textile paint is much more ideal for making real fluorescent t-shirts.

Published: Wednesday - November 04, 2009 at 10:00 PM

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