Instructions for Dylon

Dylon permanent fabric dye instructions

Click to view bigger image.Dylon lasting Fabric Dye is bursting with a complete spectral range of a few ideas & with DYLON you've got all colors associated with rainbow available. Therefore - you are able to wake up your wardrobe - revive a faded top or enhance some support covers with color - convenience and permanent results you'll be proud of!

Item Number: 87009
Barcode Number: 91

1. Weigh dried out fabric. Wash carefully - keep moist. 2. Using plastic gloves - reduce dye in 4 glasses heated water - stirring thoroughly. 3. Fill bowl/stainless metal sink with sufficient hot water for material to maneuver easily. 4. Stir in 4 Tbsp sodium. Include dye and stir well. 5. Submerge fabric in liquid. 6. Stir for 15 mins - then stir regularly for 45 minutes. 7. Rinse fabric in cool water. Wash-in hot water and dry far from direct temperature and sunlight. Tips: * you'll need 1/4lb salt(4 Tbsp) * One pack dyes up to 1/2lb fabric (age.g.large clothing) to complete color shown below or larger quantities to less heavy color. * Suitable materials: Cotton-linen-ramie and rayon. Wool - silk and polyester/cotton mixes will dye to less heavy color.* Perhaps not appropriate: Pure polyester - acrylic-nylon & material with special finishes. * Wash individually for first few washes to eliminate any extra dye. * please be aware: Color blending principles use (example. blue on red offers purple.) WARNING: Eye irritant. Exposure could potentially cause allergic reactions. Precautions: Eliminate epidermis contact. Steer clear of eyes. Hold unrealistic of kids. Medical: If attention contact takes place - wash with regular water for 5 - 10 minutes. If irritation persists - look for medical care. For further health information - contact a poison control center.

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Fabric dye instructions
Fabric dye instructions

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