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Fabric dye instructions

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Pre-wash your garments or fabric utilizing the expert Textile Detergent. This may pull any material softeners, essential oils, dust, etc that may have gotten on your own dyeable blanks or textiles during manufacturing or through managing.

Mix up your soft drink ash, 2 glasses per gallon of water, and include your dyeable things. Allow them to immerse for around 15 min. Pull all of them out and press out of the excess solution (use good plastic gloves). It can save you the soft drink ash for more dyeing later.

Spot your air conditioning rack in a tub (we used this for shirt and baby romper).

Scrunch up your soda-soaked dyeables randomly and place them on rack. If you wish to, you can pleat all of them or connect all of them up similar to tie-dye. It’s your responsibility.

For textile we about pleated the Kona Cotton and scrunched some remnants of Silk/Rayon Velvet and Cotton Velour to fill the base of the tub.

After that, protect every little thing in ice. We used one 7.5 pound bag of regular cubed ice regarding textile and approximately half a bag on shirt and romper.

Pro-Tip: You need to protect the dyeables as much as it is possible to, as areas with no ice will most likely end up staying white given that ice melts away. Broken ice will make it simpler to cover every thing with no ice falling-off.

Time to put the dirt mask on! We are going to be using the dye powder and we desire to be safe about perhaps not inhaling any good particles of dye.

Grab your first color and commence sprinkling the dye dust on ice. Be as arbitrary or since particular while you want with the method that you distribute the dye. Keep in mind, once the ice melts colors will combine and mix while they strike the top. If you put yellow and blue together, you're getting greens. Having said that, part of the fun usually “mix” colors will split-up somewhat to their component colors, providing you nice effects. You can use this for the best when selecting your colors.

Once all things are sprinkled towards preference, cover the tubs with a few plastic and allow the melting progress. Putting the tubs in a warm location can speed things up. Allow it all sit this way every day and night.

When you come back 24 hours later, your items can look such as this:

The material into the tub may look like a huge share of black colored or brown colors. Don’t worry, itsn’t gonna wind up all dirty, we vow. The items which were elevated so that the melt liquid could empty away tend to be somewhat less scary searching.

Take your tubs to the sink and begin rinsing your items in COLD working water. Rinse through to the liquid is running mostly obvious.

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