Rit fabric dye instructions

You’ll want

  • • White or pre-dyed 100per cent cotton textile
  • Rit Dye, liquid or powder
  • Washable resist moderate, including Crafter’s Pick™Batik E-Z Resist Medium or Elmer’s School Glue Gel (azure)
  • Rubber stamps
  • Stencils, stencil squirt adhesive, stencil brush
  • Artist brushes
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • Large spoon
  • 1-cup bins
  • Paper dish
  • Latex gloves
  • Pot holders
  • Plastic place
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic table address (trash bags are a choice)
  • Tresses dryer (recommended)


  1. Cover work surface with a synthetic dining table cover to protect it in case there is spills.
  2. Overlap sheets of synthetic wrap so they really tend to be slightly larger than the fabric becoming colored. Spot material over synthetic place.
  3. Pour some washable resist method on a report dish. Employ design to fabric making use of stamps, stencils or manually attracting it.
  4. a.For stamps make use of a brush to put on the resist uniformly on stamp before pushing it on the fabric. Clean out open areas when you look at the stamp with end of brush to remove any extra resist.
  5. b.For stencils utilize a stencil squirt adhesive to stick stencil to fabric. After that making use of a stencil brush, apply resist to open places in the stencil.
  6. c.For hand attracting designs make use of a brush generate designs or letters directly on the material.
  7. Enable resist to air-dry immediately or utilize a tresses dryer to accelerate the drying out procedure. Holding the dryer too close to the fabric for too long can make burn scars, so view carefully.
  8. Putting on latex gloves, shake dye bottles before pouring. Measure and combine 1 teaspoon fluid dye or 2 teaspoons dust dye with ½ cup hot regular water; stir well. Pour dye and liquid into 1-cup pots. Add much more dye for more intense colors or use more liquid for less heavy colors.
  9. Apply a number of dye colors around resist-created styles, blending colors. Dyes are brushed, sprayed, dipped or drizzled on the textile.
  10. Protect the batik-dyed textile with synthetic wrap and seal the edges. Protect bottom of microwave oven with report towels to guard against spills and place plastic-wrapped material when you look at the microwave oven. Set microwave oven for 1 – 2 minutes. USUALLY DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED. View very carefully to be sure synthetic wrap doesn't melt and textile cannot scorch.
  11. Use pot holders to very carefully remove plastic-wrapped textile from microwave. THE PLASTIC WRAP SHOULD BE HOT. Wait a couple of minutes allowing the plastic wrap to cool.

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