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SolarFast dyes are light-sensitive and just develop shade and start to become permanent upon experience of sunlight (UV). This excellent residential property means SolarFast enables you to develop remarkably detail by detail photographs, photograms and shadow-prints in some recoverable format or textile by harnessing the power of the sun! Whatever you put on the decorated surface to block the light will create a print in a matter of mins, whether that’s a solid object (toys, tools, flowers, lace, etc.), a photographic negative (an image digitally imprinted onto a transparency) or shadow (from folds inside fabric or a 3D object).

SolarFast can be great for artwork, tie dyeing, display screen printing, stamping, batik and more—no heat setting, substance or vapor fixing required. The dye makes fabric entirely smooth to touch. In writing, SolarFast has zero relief and won't impact the surface regarding the surface at all, rendering it a strong tool for mixed-media arts.


  • Apply SolarFast to fabric or paper-using a brush, sponge, brayer or squeegee. While nevertheless moist, reveal the style to sunshine watching the color magically appear!
  • Spot things from the coated area prior to revealing to block development and create photograms. Any item that casts a shadow will create an image.
  • Use a movie bad to produce permanent photographs in writing or material. Images tend to be washable and lightfast.

For screen printing programs, use SolarFast Thickener.

natural and organic fibers, including: cotton fiber, linen, canvas, silk, hemp, lumber,
cloth papers and much more

Models - 14 colors
4 fl oz/118 ml (Item JSD1)
8 fl oz/0.24 L (Product JSD2)
1 qt/0.95 L (Product JSD4)
1 gal/3.78 L (Item JSD5)

In Addition Available

SolarFast Film, Thickener and Wash


100 Golden-yellow 104 Red 108 Teal 112 Brown
101 Orange 105 Violet 109 Green 113 Black
102 Burnt Orange 106 Purple 110 Avocado
103 Scarlet 107 Blue
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