Tea Dyed Burlap

Dye fabric with tea

bridal-braI will be working on a design idea for a bridal lingerie set, but had the toughest time finding ivory elastic to match my selected lace. White just looks like an eyesore alongside ivory, and I performedn’t wish a contrasting color.

I’ve learned through my elastic dyeing experiments that pale colors don’t constantly prove plus deeper people. And ivory happens to be the toughest shade getting. It willn’t matter exactly what shade or exactly how small dye I prefer, there’s no in-between white and a mottled greige that appears just simple wrong.

Tea dyeing ended up being a fantastic answer. I really could have also attempted coffee, that will be much more typical inside house! Beverage is a very low-commitment, no mess dye, without the need for individual containers or gloves.

I’m starting to read about all-natural dyes, specially the ones that don’t need any mordants or extra chemical substances to aid in assisting the dye bonding process. These are called “substantive dyes” you need to include things like tea, coffee, onion skins, tumeric and ooh, pecan shells, that are overrunning my yard today. (we now have eight mature pecan woods.) I see a dyeing experiment approaching this autumn! But, and a huge but, from every thing we read, these dyes will be the many permanent on wool, and only a little less the like cotton. And there'sn’t much details about with them on plastic.

white-ivory-nylonBut actually, all I wanted doing was only “off-color” my notions. I attempted various various teas–PG recommendations, chamomile and Lady Grey. Initial elastic arrived kind of icky gray-ish tan. The chamomile performedn’t add much shade. The girl Grey did actually have more red or warm-colored tea leaves with it hence gave me my most useful results.

First I made the tea by steeping one teabag in a pot for around 1 min. Just one single teabag, because i truly just wished to dim a white shade, not get any shade of pale brown. I let things cool-down somewhat before dunking my notions. If you ask me, any such thing with spandex begins to curl above 140°.tea-dyeing-nylon with regards to ended up being prepared, I immersed my wet and elastic and notions and stirred all of them about until they appeared to be it had just taken on a slight stain.

I believe this can work just beautifully. For several i understand, i might have only stained (in the place of really colored) these elastics, which is alright. I’m pretty sure they will certainly never ever diminish back once again to blinding white. Knowing the secret compared to that without needing bleach or high heat, pass it onto me personally, because a few of my white t-shirts would many thanks!

Maybe you have dyed with tea?

Great Dye Reading:

* and *

*Handbook of Natural Dyes by Sasha Duerr

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