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How to dye fabric at Home?

tips dye, darken, and usually freshen an old, faded couch - from The Chronicles of Residencewe never knew exactly how much I liked navy blue sofas until Pinterest came along. I found myself pinning spaces with navy sofas repeatedly. They add this subdued drama and swank to a place and I had been feeling so interested in the appearance.

how exactly to color, darken, and generally freshen a classic, faded settee - from The Chronicles of ResidenceThen one-day I became trolling Craigslist (probably for chairs since I in the morning recently a hoarder of vintage seats) and I for some reason discovered this Ballard Designs Griffin Sofa in deep blue twill with classic metal nailheads and legs with little metal rims.

We mean…come on. The cost ended up being too good to pass up therefore I decided to go to view it and even though the lines and details were simply gorgeous, i possibly couldn’t assist but observe some major fading.

I took a step of faith right here, though, for 2 big explanations – the material had been washable and all the support covers were removable, and I also suspected deep blue could be a straightforward shade to deepen with material dye.

I bought every box of deep blue Rit material dye my neighborhood store had, removed all of the sofa’s chair and straight back cushion covers, and washed all of them during my washer whilst the Rit package specified – I used three containers total for all the covers.

This process required a great deal of salt making a little bit of a mess of my washer, but we observed the washer cleansing directions when I had been finished plus it looked great as new after ward.

The results had been absolutely every little thing I’d expected – the cushions now seemed fresh and brand new and deeply saturated.

For the human body associated with the couch, I confused a diluted option associated with dye – about a tbsp. of powder to 3 cups of liquid, and utilized a vintage sponge working the dye into all the components of the couch mightn’t be removed. I wore rubberized gloves and put towels down every where around in which I was working due to the fact dye will stain something it touches!

I'dn’t recommend this technique for the seat cushions as a few of the dye might rub down, however it worked perfectly the upholstered elements of the framework. We also tested laying my supply regarding supply of couch in a white shirt (after the dye had dried!) and nothing rubbed down.

This sofa happens to be playing musical areas and it is presently keeping the ivory reupholstered couch organization inside living room. Once I reupholster my chair hoard and we also involve some useable family area furniture, this sofa will move back again to the family area.

How to color,  darken,  and usually freshen a classic,  faded couch - through the Chronicles of Home

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