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Olive green fabric dye

Mediterranean hillsides would not be complete without their scenic olive groves. This succulent color of green is impressed by the lush green leaves of the olive trees.
Introduce olive-green materials into your home or closet for some natural beauty.

DYLON Hand Dye Guidelines


1. Weigh dried out textile. Clean carefully. Keep moist
2. Using rubber gloves, reduce dye in 500ml hot water
3. Fill bowl/stainless metal sink with approx 6 litres hot water (40°C)
4. Stir in 250g (5tbsp) salt. Include dye & stir really
5. Submerge fabric in water
6. Blend for 15mins, then stir on a regular basis for 45mins
7. Rinse textile in cool water. Wash-in tepid to warm water and dry far from direct temperature & sunshine


• you will require 250g sodium
• 1 pack dyes up to 250g material (e.g. clothing) to full color or larger quantities to less heavy shade
• ideal materials: Cotton, linen and viscose. Wool, Silk, Polyester/cotton and polyester/viscose mixes will color to less heavy shade
• Not ideal: natural polyester, acrylic, nylon & textile with special finishes
• clean individually for first couple of washes to get rid of any excess dye
• please be aware: Colour combining guidelines apply (example. blue on red offers purple)


• give dye can be used inside microwave oven generate unique impacts.
• For cotton fiber, linen, silk and polyester/cotton blends only.
• Micro-Dyeing isn't suitable for wool, viscose or synthetic fabrics.
• Remove all-metal on textile (zips, studs, etc).

How To Use

1. Wash the fabric and then leave damp.
2. Select your special result and prepare the textile by scrunching, knotting, turning or folding – link all materials firmly.
3. Using plastic gloves, bare the dye very carefully into the bowl and gradually add 250 ml / ½ pint of hot-water. Stir carefully assure dye is dissolved. Add more 250 ml / ½ pint of water.
4. Put the material in bowl and work in to the dye.
5. Put the bowl into a synthetic bag or synthetic place and put inside microwave oven. Set on ‘high’ for 4 mins.
6. After 4 minutes get rid of the dish through the oven – make sure to protect both hands through the temperature.
7. Suggestion away the dye answer and rinse the textile in cold water. To protect the design cannot undo any knots, twists, folds etc., before liquid operates obvious.

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