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RIT instructions

how-to finish a Roommate Add demand
  1. Visit myhousing.rit.edu.
  2. On the RIT verification web page, enter your RIT computer account username and password; after that click sign on.
  3. In the home page, click Roommate Add Request in lime header club.
  4. On Term Selector page, find the term that you can wish to request a roommate addition.
  5. On the Begin Contract page, click on the Save & resume option.
  6. Within the search box type, when you look at the apartment title and number and then click Search. Start to see the types of the abbreviations associated with each of the apartment names. Utilize the abbreviation plus the apartment number within the search field.
  7. Simply click Research (This area search usually takes one to three minutes because it's searching our entire database).
  8. If the apartment you are looking for appears within the box below the search industry, select Save and manage.
  9. In the verification page, you will observe the apartment you will be asking for become included into and the usernames of the many students at this time on contract for the apartment, whom must approve your roomie add demand.
  10. Click Save and Manage.
  11. When you click Save and Continue, the roommates presently residing in the apartment that need to accept your roomie incorporate request will likely be delivered an automated email informing all of them that you have actually posted your request.
  12. The Status web page will display your roomie include demand and its standing.
  13. Whenever all approvals being submitted in addition to roomie add request has been completed, you can expect to receive an e-mail.
  14. If you decide you will no longer want to pursue this roomie include request, you will need to terminate it by hitting the cancel button.

You may be students presently living in an RIT apartment or University Commons with a vacancy inside unit and want to accept a submitted roomie incorporate demand.

When the student you need to add to your vacancy submits online a Roommate combine Request, you are going to obtain an automatic e-mail telling you that one may now go to the housing portal to accept the demand.

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