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Dye process

Dyeing is the process of imparting colors to a textile material through a dye (colour). Dyes are acquired from blossoms, nuts, fruits also forms of vegetables and plants including from pet and mineral sources. They are generally normal dyes.

Others class of dyes is recognized as artificial dyes. They're according to a specific type of chemical structure. Some of those dyes tend to be- acidic ( Anionic) dyes, fundamental ( Cationic) dyes, Neutral- Premetalized dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, pigment dyes etc.

Dyeing Methods
Color is applied to fabric by different ways of dyeing for different sorts of fibre as well as different phases for the textile production procedure. These procedures consist of Direct dyeing; Stock dyeing; Top dyeing; Yarn dyeing; Piece dyeing; Solution pigmenting or dope dyeing; Garment dyeing etc. Of these Direct dyeing and Yarn Dyeing methods would be the best ones.

Direct Dyeing
Whenever a dye is applied directly to the fabric without aid of an affixing representative, it really is known as direct dyeing. In this technique the dyestuff is either fermented (for natural dye) or chemically reduced ( for synthetic vat and sulfur dyes) before becoming applied. The direct dyes, that are mainly utilized for dyeing cotton, tend to be water soluble and will be used straight to the fiber from an aqueous answer. Most other classes of artificial dye, apart from vat and sulfur dyes, are also applied in this manner.

Yarn Dyeing
Whenever dyeing is completed after the fibre has been spun into yarn, it's called Yarn dyeing. There are numerous kinds of yarn dyeing- Skein (Hank) Dyeing, Package Dyeing, Warp-beam Dyeing, and area Dyeing.

Skein (Hank) Dyeing
The yarns tend to be loosely organized in skeins or hanks. They are then hung over a rung and immersed in a dyebath in a large container. In this method, the colour penetration is the better therefore the yarns retain a softer, loftier experience.

Bundle Dyeing
The yarns tend to be wound on spools, cones or similar devices that plans of yarn are stacked on perforated rods in a rack and then immersed in a container. In container, the dye is forced outward through the rods under some pressure through spools then back once again to the bundles towards center to enter the whole yarn as completely as possible.

Warp-beam Dyeing
Its comparable to bundle dyeing but less expensive. Here, yarn is wound onto a perforated warp beam, immersed in a tank and dyed under great pressure.

Area Dyeing
Inside method, the yarn is colored at periods along its length. Of these two processes- knit- deknit strategy and OPI Space-Dye Applicator- tend to be followed. In the first method, the yarn is knitted on either a circular or flat-bed knitting device and the knitted cloth is then dyed and subsequently its deknitted. Since the dye does not easily enter the areas associated with the yarn where it crosses it self, alternated colored and undyed rooms look. The OPI Space-Dye Applicator strategy produces multi coloured space- dyed yarns. The yarns are dyed intermittently while they run at high speeds of upto 1000 yards (900 m) each and every minute through spaced dyebaths with constant subjection to shock waves created by compressed air presuming supersonic velocities.

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