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Rit liquid dye colors

These dyes are designed for cottons also natural products. Some colors is useful for artificial wig dyeing, however for a far more trustworthy color we advice or . This dye method needs temperature to stimulate, that may remove curls and need some straightening with a-flat metal afterwords or re-curling/styling of wig.

  • Should this be very first time dying a wig, begin with a Pure White, gold or other light colored wig dependent on your choice. Make sure you purchase extra swatches in the same color for assessment. Bear in mind, synthetic wigs are not like real hair, you cannot go from a darker color to a lighter one!
  • Following the directions from the Rit packet, bring water to boil in a sizable cooking pot and mix when you look at the dye.
  • To achieve the perfect shade test out various dye colors and times making use of your before dying your wig.
  • Ensure you get your wig damp before very carefully placing it within the simmering dye cooking pot.
  • The longer you leave the wig in dye shower, the darker and more vibrant the colour will end up! For lighter tints, make use of a smaller percentage of dye.
  • Yes, it is possible to blend the dye packets getting precisely the shade you would like! Alternatively, you could test out a base wig color aside from white or silver. We’ve had some great outcomes using this method.

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