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How to dye silk?

_Silk Veils
By Loretta (previous Feshie)
No other fabric moves that can compare with silk. A silk veil may either be a dramatic accent towards belly dancing
outfit or act as your spouse into the party: it is your responsibility. In any event, the feasible variety of colors and
styles in hand-dyed silk veils is limitless.
Since delicate as silk seems, it is suprisingly an easy task to make use of. I prefer 6 mm china silk (habotai), 45"
large, but if you prefer a slightly heavier silk, 8 mm additionally is effective.
To get ready your veil for dying, very first slice a three-yard length of the silk (some dancers have the ability to whip
around 4 yards, however it is tough to do, for several your extra textile is dynamic). Hand wash it in hot-water
with some gentle detergent and wash it well. I prefer a couple of drops of Dove dishwashing fluid. This removes
any size within the fabric and gets it prepared take the dye. I personally use acid dyes which can be made particularly for silk
and nylon. They have been very easy to assist in addition to colors respond quickly and permanent (see our Dharma
Trading Co website link on our resources page for the dye while the silk).
To color an excellent color veil, dissolve the dye in about two gallons of very hot liquid. Wear plastic gloves! I
heat water on the kitchen stove until it is nearly boiling. Make certain all the dye is mixed, or perhaps you'll find yourself
with darker spots in the veil. Immerse the fabric entirely in dye solution and stir continuously for
about 10 minutes so that the shade comes out also. Remove textile from dye and add one glass of white
vinegar on dye answer. Stir and re-immerse the textile. Blend for around three full minutes, remove the fabric
and wash it in chilled water until the water runs clear (or almost clear).
When I hang my veils outside in the clothesline-they dried out rapidly. We hand-roll the hems and iron with a
warm iron.
An impact this is certainly similar to tie-dye but gentler and subtler may be the synthetic case method. Make use of a one gallon dimensions zip

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