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A few weeks ago, we tie-dyed t-shirts with my boy as a day time-killer. We had lots of fun carrying it out because it was simple (no really — it certainly was) and the tops arrived great! We were holding maybe not the mediocre, faded Rit dye type of tops I produced in twelfth grade and college. These came out with bright, concentrated colors and there weren’t any huge swaths of un-dyed textile. I was thinking I’d share the thing I discovered tie-dying with you all.

Step one: Gather your products

To start, you’ll should gather your supplies. You should buy individual dyes, rubber bands, and gloves or you can get a kit and possess all that work done available. I’m sluggish, and so I opted for the kit. I obtained this 1 at JoAnn’s with a 40per cent off voucher, so that it was about $6. You can even purchase them online at Amazon in several shade combinations. I’m planning to show you how to use this kit in this guide, so if you go for an alternative collection of products, follow the guidelines for those of you dyes.

This kit said so it dyed “up to 8 shirts” but we just had adequate dye for six t-shirts — one person size and 5 child size. I experienced to actually extend to have that 6th clothing colored also, and so I most likely shouldn’t truly count it within the total.

As well as the supplies within the kit (pictured above), additionally, you will need garbage bags to pay for your projects area and ziplock bags to keep your t-shirts in whilst dye creates. Additionally require anything to color, of course.

Step two: Fold your clothing

I’m likely to get started showing you the way doing a spiral structure because that’s many dramatic and enjoyable pattern to create.

Very first, put your top out level. Your clothing must be cleaned to eliminate any sizing if it’s new. It should additionally be somewhat damp whenever you fold it and add the dyes.

Next, squeeze the top someplace in the center and commence turning the material around. Keep turning before the entire top happens to be turned into a disk. As you go, make little alterations here and there so you have actually a lot of folds and pleats when you look at the fabric. This exposes more fabric towards dyes and certainly will make for an even more interesting structure.

You should end up with a-flat, twisty disk, just like the one overhead. It must look similar to a hurricane.

Next, very carefully wrap elastic bands around the shirt. Place the rubber bands on so they intersect across center of disc (or even the “eye of this hurricane”). You need to use at the least three bands, that'll divide the disk up into 6 sections. We utilized six groups about this one as this was a grown-up sized top also it believed somewhat floppy with just three.

If you’re performing various other tops, you really need to fold and link those up now also.

Step 3: Dye the top

Prepare you work surface by placing garbage bags down. This can be done inside, but it’s messy adequate that when you’re achieving this with young ones, you ought to simply plan on doing it outside. Don’t work right on the ground though since your top can get dirty and mess-up all your valuable efforts.

Once your workplace is prepared, apply your gloves and prep your dyes. The dyes in my own kit had been already in squirt bottles and all sorts of I had to-do ended up being add water and shake all of them. I came across that it worked best to fill all of them about half way, shake through to the dye dust had been dissolved and add the rest of the water and shake much more.

Next, begin squirting the dyes on top. Here is the enjoyable component! To really make the the spiral design, you need to squirt the wedges amongst the elastic bands.You can easily see what I mean by looking at the images. Squirt both edges associated with disk and start the folds regarding the shirt occasionally to be sure the dye is getting towards the material in the middle of the clothing also. If there’s no dye in the centre, squirt slightly inside.

It’s okay if the dye crosses the outlines only a little and blends — that'll make your shirt much more interesting. Remember if you blend some colors together — say orange and green — they are going to cause a muddy brown color. You’ll have better luck mixing analogous colors (ones being close to each other in rainbow). Since I have used major colors the dyes used to don’t need to worry about that.

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