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Tips for dyeing fabric

I’m pretty quick with regards to newborn garments and stay with onesies, gowns, and leggings when it comes to first couple months. Things which are comfortable.
So dyeing bodysuits is a great solution to throw style into the combine.
I’ve shared two tutorials before about I dyed a multitude of onesies for baby presents. Now we went with brilliant colors for Clara.
Yipee! Lemon yellow!
Needless to say whenever Clara wore it to church on Sunday (with a little top) two old guys asked exactly how old my child guy had been. Eh. People frequently asked if baby Lucy had been a boy or woman, and she ended up being wearing green with butterflies. Fashion over…gender?
So, right here’s what I did….and should not have done.
I observed exactly the same tips used in the above.
Mixing, dunking, stirring, rinsing, cleansing, drying out, etc.
And ended up with some gorgeous tones.
But it’s always experimental. Not every thing turns out as I hoped, some textiles are splotchy, often I make foolish blunders. The action is obviously enjoyable however.

These two proved great.
(RIT fluid dye in colors Lemon Yellow and Purple):
These two proved the worst.
These were both dunked in RIT Liquid dye, Aquamarine. The onesie in the right moved in very first and I have a feeling the dye had beenn’t mixed well because of the water. You can find huge shade splotches all around the neck and cuffs. The fabric on left went in second and stayed when you look at the dye for a tremendously short time of time and looked beautiful (see above photo of wet fabric). But….then I washed it using the purple onesie overhead.
Um, stupid.
Colour completely changed.
Lesson discovered.

Those two ended up okay.
They've some minor splotching here and there, due to the onesies themselves. These were both old worn-out bodysuits together with small pilling on the surface and some milk spots. And so the dye gravitated to those areas, leading to splotches. In addition, when using brand-new onesies ensure you clean all of them when before dyeing to remove any “sizing” from the fabric which will be a slight starch often found on commercial clothes and material.

Needless to say components of splotching + pretty child can still = successful task.
She’ll get great use regarding all of them.
(note in the blanket: sorry no structure website link because of it. We selected it at a thrift shop and desire I had better info to share!)
So in summary….

• Make sure the dye is mixed really with all the water (just like making jello)
• utilize a large dish and so the material can swim easily. In the pictures above We used tiny plastic containers since I was only dyeing one item per color. However the pots were also small. The material ended up being too bunched up around.
• utilize the hottest liquid from your sink. A large dish is useful with this particular too since a big level of water will always be hot for extended (as opposed to the small pots we used above).
• ensure that your material is carefully wet and saturated with drinking water before dunking it within the dye bathtub.
• just wash and wash material with textiles of the identical shade for first couple of cycles. After a few washings you ought to be in a position to wash the dyed things with other garments also.
• when utilizing old material and onesies, old stains may color differently as compared to remaining portion of the material. But hey, might as well give them a go. Throw all of them into the dye bath and find out what the results are!
• when utilizing brand new onesies/clothing, clean them first before dyeing to remove any “sizing” through the fabric which will be hook starch sometimes found on commercial clothing and material.

Which’s about it.

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