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Best Dyeing for silk

The essential difference between dyes and shows is the fact that dyes, whenever set, in fact chemically relationship with the fibre. Thus, the 'hand' associated with the fiber is unchanged. Silk preserves it is natural silkiness. On the other hand, paints are pigments suspended in a medium; when applied, they sit on top of the fibers, and thus, they are doing change the experience for the fibre. The silk will eventually lose several of its silkiness with paints. Transparent dyes and clear "flowable" silk paints work best on white silks. To paint on black silks requires an opaque paint such as Setacolor Opaque or Lumiere/Neopaque which will leave the silk stiff. Most of these shows do best as highlights and accents rather than utilized on big areas.

We many different silk dyes, and paints; each of them work nicely and have now committed followers. We advice experimenting at first to obtain the products which be right for you. The list following of items are all regarded as being transparent and perform best on white silks.

Kind 1: Steam-fix fluid dyes. Our dyes that must be fixed by steaming are: Dupont, Pebeo Soie, Jacquard Red Label and Jacquard Vinyl Sulphon. Both Sennelier Tinfix Design and Jacquard Silk Color can be steamed but could additionally be set with a chemical fixative (see Type 2 dyes below). Steaming yields the brightest, most vivid and most washfast results. The dyes simply mentioned leave no 'feel' in the silk, (you never feel anything different where in actuality the dye is). The Tinfix, Pebeo and Dupont silk dyes tend to be French and consist of some alcohol.

Type 2: Chemical-fix fluid dyes. Dyes that can be fixed making use of a liquid fixative are: Sennelier Tinfix Design and Jacquard Silk colors. They truly are utilized often by submerging the coated silk into the fixative or painting the fixative onto the decorated silk. When using the fixatives, colors are not as bright as whenever set by vapor. Additionally they leave no 'feel' regarding silk. We offer Jacquard Dyeset Focus.

These dyes will be the recommended option for solid dyeing silk, wool and plastic, however they could also be used for silk artwork. These are generally dissolved in hot water to a 4-8% dye-water solution. Most colors will stay stable in solution for very long periods of time. The coated silk requires steam-setting, creating extremely brilliant colors. See our instructions for Acid Dyes.

This is certainly our cold-water dye powder, every person's option for dyeing cotton. It's also utilized on silk and you will find musicians on the market that get gorgeous outcomes with them. Some great benefits of the MX dyes tend to be: these are generally very reasonable, have actually an extensive shade choice, can be set without steaming (see our cool group technique) once and for all outcomes or with steaming for great results, and leave no experience on textile. The drawbacks tend to be: some colors create unforeseen results on silk, you will never get a genuine black colored, they do not move as quickly whilst the silk fluid dyes, the dye-water option only lasts about weekly, and sodium results are not because dramatic.

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