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Best dyeing for synthetic fabric

iDye for All-natural and Poly Fabrics

Pros: Inexpensive, fast, simple option to dye large quantities of polyester and nylon clothing, towels, towels, etc.
Disadvantages: email address details are never as bright, long-lasting or washfast as more expert high quality dyes.

Benefits: you can get several transfers from one painting. Therefore soft you cannot feel it. The bright colors are extremely opaque, provide good coverage.

Cons: unavailable in larger sizes.

Advantages: Dyes hard to color substrates like Acrylic, timber, reeds, straw, hemp, potpourri, wigs, buttons, shell, bone tissue, dried blossoms, bamboo, and more! Can blend with alcohol and use like a paint also.

Disadvantages: More toxic to work well with than many other dyes - usage attention managing the powders! Require some temperature for setting. Not so lightfast or washfast.

Pros: It is a significantly stretchy dimensional textile paint that can be used on any material including Lycra®, nylon and hosiery, is available in plenty of tones including sparkle, and a line of Puff colors when it comes to 3-D effect. Non-toxic. Glue based so sticks to virtually any area. Kids think it’s great!
Cons: Leaves much more texture on the fabric.

Industrial Polyester Dyes

Pros: The softest ‘hand’, or feel, on material of all of the our opaque/metallic textile paints. Requires no temperature environment, and still stands up to cleansing perfectly. Colors have become opaque, offer great protection. Non-toxic.
Cons: Not available in larger sizes.

Pros: No heat set required, exemplary coverage, water-based acrylic, an easy task to clean, numerous colors to chose from

Cons: Not available in bigger sizes, a littl rigid

Positives: Economical, user friendly, plenty of brilliant colors, simply leaves a smooth hand.
Disadvantages: not one we could develop!

DecoArt Ink issues

Pros: The shiniest, many luminous metallic colors, the greatest coverage on dark textiles, in addition works great on leather, timber and report. Perfect for footwear painting!
Disadvantages: We couldn't get a hold of any

Positives: has actually different consistencies for sunpainting (clear Colors) or painting over a dark shade (Opaque colors), or enhancing with a metallic (Pearlescent Colors)
Cons: None

Positives: Brilliant colors! User-friendly, water-based, non-toxic slim paint which can be an alternate for dye, heliographic (can be utilized full-strength for sun artwork)
Cons: unavailable in larger sizes (250ml max)

Jacquard fundamental Dye

Professionals: Versatile, slim flowable paint for silk artwork and several various other utilizes on most fabrics, even untreated leather. Simple to use, non-toxic, very reasonable, will come in different sizes, great for instructors
Cons: We couldn't consider any!

Positives: Our softest screen printing ink, economical, water cleaning, non-toxic, also ideal for block publishing and stenciling
Disadvantages: does not set well if it gets frozen when shipping it when you look at the wintertime

Professionals: Soft, user friendly, brilliant intense pigment, non-toxic, water-based, water cleaning, ideal for stenciling and block publishing aswell. Cons: Could Not discover any.

Pros: No heat environment, doesn't freeze, high coloration, good smooth coverage, actually leaves a smooth hand, oil based but cleans up easy with water and soap.
Cons: unavailable in lager sizes, restricted shade choice, small odor, long drying time.

Pros: It is a concentrated (therefore affordable after dilution) pigment system that feels like dye in place of paint, is straightforward to use for a myriad of strategies, is concentrated, non-toxic and deals with many synthetics along with normal materials
Disadvantages: Limited color choice, colors fade with cleansing the first time (typical of "dyeing" with pigments) - you have to just like the unique "stonewashed" look

Pros: ideal for marbling, simply leaves soft hand on textile, really concentrated pigment
Cons: Needs the addition of a catalyst to make it permanent, either a heatfix catalyst, or an airfix catalyst.

Professionals: It's a glue based dimensional textile paint that can be used on any material and nearly every other surface! Is available in gorgeous metallic colors and provides a 3-D impact. May be used as a lovely, stylish embellishment with its very own right, or as a decorative glue.

Allure Adhesive Paint DecoArt SoSoft Opaque Fabric Paint DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Jacquard Textile Colors

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