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What is fabric Dyeing?

Molly, our Director Material sourcing, celebrates with David Yeh, Co-owner for the Yeh GroupFor Spring/Summer 13, most of the material has been used for the adidas Efficiency Prime Tee, one of many best-selling, versatile, training t-shirts in adidas sports performance range.

During the last years, the adidas Group features definitely supported the development of the DryDye technology in collaboration with the Yeh Group.

Thanks to this partnership, DryDye makes great progress, especially in the very last year. Using the technology to a single of our key items currently means in a single 12 months we have been capable go on it one step further as this is certainly not a limited collection, but alternatively a full distinct DryDye apparel that is available nowadays globally. This might be an obvious sign that the manufacturing is truly scalable.

Through 1 million yards of DryDye fabric we have been in a position to save a remarkable 25 million litres of liquid when you look at the dyeing procedure! Which is only the beginning!

DryDye infographic

During our visit on Yeh Group, we had been able to understand process and great things about DryDye firsthand. The team developed currently great expertise on this brand new technology. But, it is a “learning by doing” process, as there's no various other comparable technology current in the market. The process is improved on a regular basis, literally.

It's also interesting to see machines in full production: i've seen a lot of textile dyehouses during my career as well as can be quite damp. The DryDye dyehouse can be so clean. Other than in mainstream dyeing the textile is completely dry when released from the machine and there is no extra drying required.

The DryDye technology is really a-game changer and I also am extremely happy is part of the group which working on this task. It was great to meet up the Yeh Group team, a very enthusiastic staff, and celebrate using them these types of an extraordinary milestone.

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