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Upholstery fabric dyeing service

The pro Team of this organization is capable of dealing with, in addition to carrying every little thing required to offer immediate on-site cleansing, furniture, furnishings and all repairs, completing on timber, leather and plastic dyeing, caning, textile, restorations of a collectibles, material, glass, stone, and recliner or sleeper mechanism work. Methods and products are opted for to produce their particular repair works permanent, hidden also to return furniture to its initial as well as much better condition. On-site or in-shop Handyman and expert solutions agreed to all: Manufactures, Stores, Vendors, Warehouses, Designers, Hotels, Restaurants, Construction, Moving, Insurance Companies along with Individual users. We've been within forefront of Antique and contemporary Repair & Restoration.


Winner of 2010-2016 Angie's List Super provider Award, ranked number 1 company, Recognition for many Furniture Repair & Disassembling Services as Best of Citysearch, Audience Winner in Residence Repair Category, few years in a row obtained Award of Best Furniture Service Company in Furniture fix & Refinishing by United States town company Association, AFS has been chosen and granted for the 2012-2016 most useful of Manhattan Awards when you look at the Miscellaneous Builders & technicians category because of the Manhattan Award plan committee. Multiple Publications including New York mag, break ny, etc., Spotlight on NBC Information. Awarded Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

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