Fabric Printers Los Angeles

First2print™ is a customized textile printing studio you can rely on to work alongside you through every step of this product design procedure, giving you high quality digitally imprinted textile tailored to your final result. Based domestically with workplaces in New York and l . a ., we possess the expertise had a need to create imprinted textiles with fast recovery times, low minimums, and best quality offered. Our specialties tend to be custom made prototypes and short run manufacturing on silk, plastic, and polyester textile options.

We're the style team behind-the-scenes for over 400 energetic continuous records, varying in areas from apparel, outfit, add-ons, interiors and arts renovation. We aim to be an integral part of your design development process, working for you bring your ideas to life onto imprinted material. Your success is our success!


Digital textile publishing has existed for more than ten years, and so have we. We have been elbow deep getting our hands dirty in product development and technical advances using digital publishing world since our company started in 2001. We are composed of a small group of musicians, manufacturers and entrepreneurs with expert knowledge spanning color, illustrations, fabrics, surface design, and both digital and rotary printing/manufacturing for soft goods products.We discovered numerous new things about digital textile publishing and item development over time and continue steadily to explore them by making use of creativity and technology. We are able to take your idea from idea to cloth, effortlessly.

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